Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Special Day

The day Gordon and I said "I do" was the happiest day of my life.  William's birth is a close second.  This may seem weird to some but it's the truth.  Our marriage is the foundation for everything.  If it wasn't for our love and trust in each other we wouldn't have this precious thing that we call our life.  When I walked down that aisle four years ago I knew we had a million happy times ahead of us.  I tried my hardest to take all the sweet moments of that weekend in....because I also knew there would be hard times. 
Two weeks after the miscarriage we celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  With every day that passes, with every year that comes and goes, I fall a little more in love with Gordon.  He is my rock.  He keeps me positive, he gives me perspective, he makes this life of mine happy.
We had a fabulous night out on our 4th anniversary.  I was still having some anxiety/sadness about everything that'd happen over the previous 2 weeks....but, the night out really helped.  Things get better everyday!  Gordon even agrees that 6 weeks later I'm back to my "old self".  Maybe one day I'll post more about some of the unexpected emotions that I experienced after the miscarriage. 
We had the best dinner at Ouisie's Table (where my bridal lunch was held).  My sweet in-laws even had my favorite bottle of wine delivered to our table!  (I'm still not sure how I got so lucky....great husband, baby, parents and in-laws)  While we were out on the town, William got to hang out with his buddy, Teddy, and Ms. Melissa.  We all had a fun night.  :) 
I pray that the next year is as fabulous as the last four have been!!!  xoxo

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