Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Reading List

Truth be told, I never ended up reading all the books from my Summer Reading List.  I got too distracted with Divergent and then The Maze Runner series!  I've read 4 of the 5 books posted below.  Here are a few of my thoughts......

~ The Maze Runner Series:  I loved these books!  I'll admit, I'm a hopeless romantic.  All the trilogy books I've read have had fabulous love stories.  But, not this one.  And guess what, I still LOVED them.  Each one of them kept me interested and wondering what in the world was going to happen next.  I read one a week.  They are good quick reads that must get put on your list.  I can't wait for William to read them one day.  Gordon and I went to see The Maze Runner movie a couple of weeks ago and it didn't disappoint either.  They had to change quite a bit....which can be disappointing....but I felt like a lot of the changes were probably necessary.  Read the book, watch the movies, and you'll understand.

~ Gone Girl:  OMG.  Such a messed up story line but after the first 100 pages you literally Can't. Put. The. Book. Down.  The author of Gone Girl also wrote the screen play for the movie.  From what I hear, the book and movie are pretty similar.  Obviously, the book will always be better.  That's why I love reading!  It makes you use all your senses.  You can imagine everything just the way your brain wants you to.  Eeekkkk......I can't wait to go see the movie!

~ The Secret Keeper:  One of my good friends has invited me to join her book club in November.  They are reading this.  I love a good mystery book and I'm excited to see what this book club thing is all about.  :)  I'm guessing it will be fabulous.  Yes, I'm a dork...and a book nerd.  

I have a whole list of books on my "To Read" list.  I'll share soon!

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