Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Week Of Fun

A few weeks ago we were lucky to have Nana and Papa visit us for several days!!!  We always have a blast when they visit.  Daddy gets to go shooting with Papa while we get lots done around town (little gym, grocery store, nap time....).  My parents even got to visit our new church for the first time since our big move out to the burbs.

We made it out for date night
    The little buddy got to stay home with Nana and Papa on Monday and on Tuesday, since it was my day off work, we all went to the Zoo, pumpkin patch, and to the Galleria.  Visits to the Galleria have definitely changed!  William has become a crazy shopper.  He runs around like a mad man, touching everything and laughing the entire time.  Toddlers.  William did make it out of the Galleria with a sweet new pair of Spiderman boots!  After all of that, we headed to William's 2.5 year check up.  The little guy lucked out and got the flu mist instead of the flu shot!  

Shop Til You Drop
Spaghetti Lover  |  Ready for the Choo Choo  |  This is usually the silly face I get when I ask him a question  |  Walking with Nana  |  "I wanna touch?!?  |  Ducks, water, train, zoo = He loves Hermann Park

It is always so great having my parents in town!  Having dinner ready when you get home from work is awesome.  :)  We can't wait for them to visit again.  Thanks for putting some sparkle in our week.

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