Thursday, November 13, 2014

2 1/2 years old

It's official, William has caught up to all the kids his age!  He has gotten so big and being the toddler that he is, he wants to do everything himself.  Here is what the little guy has been up to these days.....

Time For Your Check Up!
Weight- 26 lbs 2 ounces (up 3 lbs in 6 months) ~ 11% on growth chart (up from 4%)
Height- 35 inches (up 2.5 inch in 6 months) ~ 30% (up from 13%)
Head Circumference- 20 inches (same) ~ 85% (down from 93%)

Eating- Not much has changed in this department.  William is still a good eater.  For breakfast, his favorite is still oatmeal.  He also likes waffles, yogurt and fruit (grapes and watermelon are the fav) at breakfast time.  Eggs are still on the do not like list.  William's not a huge fan of meat, but is more willing to eat it if there is some cheese on it (cheeseburger, hotdog with cheese, ham and cheese sandwich).  Carrots and cherry tomatoes are his favorite vegetables right now.  He still hasn't tried much candy but I can say he loves MandMs.  *At school William drinks out of an open cup like a big boy!!!
Sleeping-  We are still blessed to have a good sleeper!  After a bath and a book W is usually in bed by 8:00 and wakes up around 6:00 or 6:30.  Nap time is the same, 12-2.  Hate to say it but....we still give William his paci in the car and during bedtime.  I can't even begin to think about how hard it will be to take away.  When he's tired he still rubs soft fabric like his lovie and tags on cloth books/pillows.  He'll ask us, "Where's the tag?"    
Development- William can now say 50 + words and he's working on perfecting his jumping skills.  He is a pretty cautious kid so he likes to test everything out first!  William is a pro at our stairs now and he loves to run.  He always tells us, "I run fast!!!".  He knows all of the basic colors except RED.  We can not get the kid to say red.  Every time he sees the color red he yells BLUE!  At this point, I think he's messing with us.  Going to the park has gotten to be a lot of fun (and not so much work for the adults).  William can climb up all the equipment, slide down by himself and even swings on the big boy swing.  
Personality- William is in full blown toddler mode.  We do a lot of redirecting and explaining what actions are not nice/not acceptable.  He's still such a sweet boy that loves giving kisses but he is hard headed.  He truly thinks that his way is the best (only) way.  He'll even tell me "that way" and point to where I need to go when I'm driving.  He may be a little bossy like his mama.  :)         
Clothing size- He can wear a size 4 or 5 diaper .  His shoe size is 5 or 6 (he has become a huge fan of will rarely see him without shoes on these days).  Most of his clothes are 2T except Gap which he wears 18-24 month.  
Things mommy loves- 
Right before bed I'll tell William to take a rest and he'll lay his little head on my shoulder.  I'm so glad he will still cuddle with me for a few minutes every day.  Listening to William laugh when we tickle him is priceless.  The way William asks questions is so cute...."what it IS?" or "where he go?"  When we pull up to the house after school William announces in a sing song voice, "We're home!"   The way he says juice, moose, and fish crack me up.  I need to catch it on video. 
Mommy stuff- Since William's 2nd birthday we let him go to Midland for a week with my family and then to Texarkana for a week with the Goodings.  It's not always easy to "let go" but I know it's what's best for him.  
Things WJG loves- William loves to play!!  He still prefers to be outside but he really loves his play room.  He's getting better about playing on his own.  He cooks food in his kitchen, builds stuff at his work bench, and drives his trucks and trains all around the house.  He really loves his little "bike" Nana got him from Sams.  It's usually the first thing he gets on when we get home from school.  Helping with yardwork is still his favorite.  He loves watching people mow their grass.  His love for trucks has continued....specifically buses, fire trucks and police cars.  He loves pointing out all the buses on the way to school and he tells me every morning, "I wanna touch bus" and "I wanna ride!"  :)  
Sometime at the end of the summer William got hooked on Mickey Mouse, better known as Hot Dog in our home.  Luckily, it's semi educational and not too annoying.  Everything in moderation is the key to TV watching.
Things WJG doesn't like- There isn't a whole lot that William doesn't like.  But, if he finds something he doesn't like he is quick to tell you, "YUCK!".  Getting him to sit in the stroller so I can walk (for a little exercise) has gotten a lot harder recently. :(  Day care drop off has been pretty brutal lately.  He cries and yells, "Where mama go?" when I'm leaving.  Breaks My Heart.  
Favorite Things To Say- "What it is?" "Oh no, a MESS!" "Mama's car?" "Daddy's truck?" "I watch Hot Dog?"  "I wanna help."  When he sees a picture of himself he says, "It's YOU!"  After giving you a kiss sometimes he'll say, "A BIG kiss!"
Funny Dad Moments- Whenever we read books about trucks William points to the truck and says "Daddy Ride!"  Doesn't matter if it's a tractor, a fire truck or a crop sprayer.  His Daddy can drive all of those!!  
First time- William went to San Antonio for the first time in August.  He pee peed on the potty like a big boy for the first time in August and did really well for a month.  Unfortunately, that ended and he's showing NO interest anymore.  William became a cousin in September to baby Katherine (who we'll be meeting at Thanksgiving) and in July he found out he was expecting a boy cousin in 2015.  He was a big brother for a few weeks and hopefully will be again before long.  
From the Doctor-  William is a healthy little boy that got an A+ at his check up.  He didn't have to get any vaccinations (just the flu mist) at this doctor visit.  Besides some dry patches on his scalp and a black toe nail (he dropped a can of corn on it!) he is doing great!  

  • Reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear.
  • He hates taking pictures.
  • He thought escaping to his lion would save him from the camera!
  • Such a big boy now. 
  • Cutest Moccasins ever by Freshly Picked.
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