Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cowboys Football

I am happy to say that, at 32 years old, I finally attended a Dallas Cowboy game!  It was William's first Cowboy game too.  We have all been to the fabulous stadium before and were happy to be back for a day of fun with my family.  
William was nearly speechless about all the activity going on in the stadium before the game started.  The cheerleaders, the fireworks and all the people kept our little guy well entertained!  He is a big fan of what he calls "soccerball".  
{Taking it all in with Daddy}
{Watching the cheerleaders during the pregame show.}
{Our little family}
{He was the football and those yummy carmel pretzels.}
{William's favorite meal!}
{Passed out at half time. #suitelife}
{Standing by some of my favorite players.  Thanks Dad for the fun day!}
{Everyone looking sad about the Cowboys score.}
{Hanging with Skye and Uncle D}

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