Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Hot Dog Halloween

This is the first year we got to do some real trick or treating with William!  We spent our second Halloween in a row with William's "Houston friends".....Teddy, Britton, Eli and the twins.  William was still a little unsure of what was going on.  He did made it up to a few doors steps but didn't actually say "trick or treat".  Once he found out he could eat the candy he just wanted to sit in the stroller and munch on M and Ms!

Here are the fun treats we took to William's school friends on Halloween.  

Pretzel Snack = pretzel, hershey kiss and a candy corn or m and m on top

Perfect size for toddlers

I found this cute tissue paper at Under Five for super cheap.  Then, I just added a glow in the dark bat, play-doh, a snack size candy, and a pretzel treat we made at home.  Tie some string around it and you are done.  :)

William wasn't into the Mickey Mouse ears actually being on his head.  But, at least he didn't mind the costume since "Hot Dog" is his favorite!  We had such a great night with our friends....Grant and Emily even came along for the fun (I'm guessing this night was excellent birth control for them....things tend to get a little crazy with 6 two years running around.  haha).  Britton and William still love each other to pieces.  Look how cute they are holding hands!
Being the typical toddlers they are......I think they had the most fun playing with all of Teddy's toys afterwards.  Oh the life of a toddler!

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