Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 15 of 2015

"Week 15" was filled with lots of fun stuff!  We flew back from Midland that Monday after having a nice and relaxing Easter.  That Thursday William and I had a wonderful day off together.  Things got started with a bang, our little buddy went #2 in the potty for the first time!  It's a work in progress folks.  :)  Next up, William's first Soccer Shots class at school.  To say this kid likes soccer, is an understatement!  He loves, loves, loves soccer.  I'm not sure what it is he likes so much.....kicking the ball, scoring goals, Coach Chris or just getting to do something different for 30 minutes at school.  Whatever it is, it makes him happy.  AND, that makes mama happy!  After soccer we had a little date at Starbucks.  Juice for William, decaf coffee for me and of course a yummy scone.  

The bottom row of pictures are from that weekend.  William got his first 3rd birthday present in the mail from Aunt Ash and Uncle Brandon.  He was just a little excited!  That Saturday night Gordon and I went to a dinner and movie (William had a super fun evening with his #1 favorite, Ms. Melissa).  I was so excited to finally see Insurgent.  Normally, I would have been on opening weekend....but that was the week of my cerclage placement.  Better late than never!  The movie was made better by this yummy icee.  :)  That Sunday I called Gordon while he was at the gym and asked him to pick up Wing Stop on his way home.  Just a little pre-dinner snack.  Too bad I can't hit the gym anymore.....with the foods I'm craving, I'm in trouble!

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