Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week 2 in the NICU

Well, it's been another eventful week in the NICU.  We are so proud of the progress William's made!

Saturday, April 28th:  Nothing too exciting happened today.  William's feeds are still at 36cc every 3 hours through the NG tube.  He gained 20 grams (which is what they want him to gain each day) and he got a bath tonight!!  Gordon and I were both happy that he was off work for the weekend so he could spend more time at the hospital. 

Sunday, April 29th:  Today William is "34 weeks old".  The doctors refer to him by this age not how many days since his birth.  Babies start to get the suck/swallow reflex around 34 or 35 weeks so today we got to try out a bottle!  The nurse said to consider the first attempt a success if he didn't just spit out the nipple.  We gave him his first bottle at noon and he drank 3cc.  We tried again at 6pm and he drank 10cc.  Apparently, some preemies gag on the bottle and require occupational therapy to work with them.  So, even though he only drank a little we are thankful he even tried and there was no gagging!  He gained 30 grams today and got burped for the first time.  haha

Monday, April 30th:  Little William's day started early...he had an ultrasound of his head done at 4am.  We were given the results the next day...everything looked good.  No brain bleeds or anything else concerning.  After the ultrasound we had to move rooms.  The quads that were in the rooms next to us needed to each have their own rooms because they had gotten so sick.  :(  Our new room doesn't have as nice of a view but is cooler in the evening since we don't have the sun beating in. 
The poor little guy pulled out his NG tube again.  He just doesn't understand why he needs it still.  He ate 18cc of his bottle at noon and Gordon fed him for the first time at 6pm and he drank 12cc.  While Gordon was feeding him I heard him say, "William you're acting like a wild man.  You need to put this in your mouth and settle down."  LOL...if only it was so easy.  Other big news...his umbilical cord came off in the evening and he is finally getting some little eyelashes! 
Weight: 3lbs 15oz (back to birth weight)

Tuesday, May 1st:  Since it's a new month we started with a new group of doctors.  The neonatologist attending now taking care of William is Dr. Hankins.  He is also the Chief Medical Officer of TCH West Campus (where I work).  He says William will most likely come out of the incubator this week.  At this point William is considered a "feeder grower".  He is breathing well on his own with no oxygen and it's looking like he's regulating his temperature better.  So now we just need him to continue gaining weight and start eating on his own. 
9am bottle = 17 cc
9pm bottle = 5 cc
He pulled out his NG tube again while Gordon and I were at dinner.  :(  Between that, him only eating 5cc in the evening, and not being crazy about his nurse that day I had a small emotional breakdown.  I had spent the night at the hospital a few nights in a row so I was a bit sleep deprived and then felt sad that he wasn't making much progress with eating.  Gordon insisted I go home that night to get some rest.  I HATE leaving him but feel so much better when I get five hours of sleep versus three.
Weight = 1790 grams or 3lb 15 oz

After pulling out his NG tube

Wednesday, May 2nd:  The lactation nurse came by today to see how William was doing with the practice breast feeding.  He understands what he needs to do but just doesn't have his sucking skills perfected yet.  She said to give him time.  Everyone keeps saying it's like a light day they wake up and they understand what they need to do to get food.  We're praying the light turns on by this weekend.  :) 
They opened up his incubator today.  This is his test to see how he does with temperature regulation.  Dr. Hankins said to not be surprised if he doesn't gain weight today. 
9am bottle = 22 cc
9pm bottle = 12 cc
Weight = 4lb 1oz
Tonight was bath night.  Gordon and I did it all by ourselves.  It gets kinda tricky having to wash him in the bed but we've gotten the hang of it and William loves it!!  He really likes having his hair washed.  TOO cute. 

Thursday, May 3rd:  TWO WEEKS OLD.  Baby boy did great with the incubator opened AND he gained weight!!!  As Dr. Hankins said "he passed his test" so he got to move to an open crib.  It is so much easier to just pick him up and hold him now.  He still has the tube in his nose, a monitor on his foot and 3 on his chest that you have to be careful with but it's managable. 
9am bottle = 17 cc
9pm bottle = 16 cc
Weight = 4lb 2 oz

Such a happy baby

In a crib!!

Friday, May 4th:  As the doctors say during rounds every morning...things are pretty boring in room 812.  It's a good thing!  We are just working on the eating.  Once William can take 30cc at both feedings they will go up on the number of bottles he can have each day.  Besides eating and sleeping he also had his hearing test today and passed with flying colors. 
9am bottle = 30cc (yippeee)
9pm bottle = 20cc
Weight = 4lb 3oz

Other than this funny face he slept through the hearing test
Their nigthly nap together

We are so grateful to have a healthy baby that is growing more and more everyday.  Bringing him home with us will be one of the happiest days of our lifes!  Dr. Hankins says his goal is to get babies out of the hospital a month before their due date (so May 10th).  My goal is by Mother's Day (May 13th).  We're keeping our fingers crossed but willing to wait as long as we need to for our little guy. 


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