Monday, November 19, 2012

7 months old

Another month gone.  It's still so hard to believe how fast it goes by.  We are loving him more than ever and are amazed by how much he changes everyday.  He's constantly making us laugh!!  Love our little buddy. 

"Mom, please stop with the pictures."

7 month stats:
- 13.8 lbs (He's gained 10 pounds since birth!)
Eating- 4 oz bmilk every 3 hours or so (during the day).  He loves eating food!!  Most days he has a bottle at 6am, eats fruit/cereal, has 3 bottles during day while at school (10:00, 1:00, 4:00), has a bottle at 6pm when we get home, has vegetable/cereal and a bottle at bedtime.  So, he's eating about 24 oz of milk per day (plus what we mix in with his cereal).  He has loved all the food he's tried so far....bananas, squash, pears, carrots, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes.
At the beginning of October he started getting dry spots on his legs.  This was before we started feeding him so I know it wasn't a food allergy.  I decided to try out California Baby lotion on his dry little legs....I've always heard it works great....but last week we noticed his legs got a lot worse.  I'm pretty sure he's allergic to the CB lotion and possibly carrots (like his dad).  I think some of it's the cold weather too.  We'll see?!?!  So, for now no more CB lotion or carrots! 
Sleeping- He's done better over the last few days!  He had a cold last week so things were pretty rough at night.  LOTS of coughing (which then caused vomiting) and more coughing + a yucky nose.  I've been trying to feed him around 10:00 before we go to bed so that he'll sleep until 6:00.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  He is sleeping for 9 hours at night and most days takes an hour long morning nap and a 1-2 hour afternoon nap.  His nap schedule is just now getting more predictable.  He still takes little cat naps for 15-30 minutes so I really never know how long they are going to last.  I've noticed the more errands we run and the more he's stimulated the less he sleeps.  You'd think it'd wear him out but instead he gets a little fussier.....I'm guessing that's because he doesn't sleep for a long stretch of time since he usually falls asleep in the car seat and then he's woken up when it's time to get out of the car. 
Development-  William's starting to try to hold his own bottle (tear!).  He can also put his own paci in his mouth now.  He'll pull it out and swing the wubba nub around and then put it back in his mouth.  He doesn't mind tummy time at all and can roll from his stomach to his back (Gordon doesn't think he does it intentionally....I say it still counts). 
Clothing size- Size 2 diapers and most things 6 months but still some 3 months. 
Things mommy loves- Everything!  Listening (and watching) him talk can keep me entertained for hours.  So stinkin' cute.     
Things WJG loves- His feet!  He finally found his feet and he's constantly grabbing them.  It's impossible to keep socks on him.  He thinks kicking his feet and making a "splash" sound in the tub is hilarious.    
Things WJG doesn't like-  Really there's not much.  He's been falling asleep on the car ride home from school and he doesn't cry after his bath anymore.  You can really tell when he's getting tired now because he starts acting fussy and rubbing his eyes.  Give him a bottle and a paci and life is good!  He is terrified of the learn and sing puppy he got as a gift.  As soon as the dog starts dancing William has an emotional breakdown.  I have a funny feeling he'll hate Santa. 
Funny daddy stuff- I've heard Gordon sing to William several times, "If you're happy and you know it....go on and show it!" haha  

Our monthly photo sessions are getting a little harder.  He just wants to chew on everything and of course I can rarely catch a good smile on camera! 

Today is Gordon's birthday too!  We went to one of his favorite pizza places for dinner and now he's doing what he does best....playing video games.  I don't think he'll ever grow up.  :)

Their faces crack me up!


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