Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wonderful Fall Wednesday

I'm so happy that it's finally cooled off here at home and it feels like fall!  We even got to turn the fire on the other morning because it was so chilly when we woke up.  I really love the fall but don't really like how soon it gets dark.  Spring is probably my #1 favorite...except for all of Gordon's allergies!
William and I had a nice day at home together.  We were supposed to have a play date this morning but baby boy has been coughing with a low grade fever and runny nose so we had to reschedule.  Instead, we cuddled in bed this morning and while William napped I did several loads of laundry and dishes.  We did get out of the house for a little bit to get daddy a birthday gift and to run to the grocery store (OH, and for a pumpkin spiced latte).  After that we headed home and did lots of cooking......we made a pumpkin pie, chicken for dinner, and butternut squash for the baby.  William loved the butternut squash!  He seems to love everything so far (and he loved watching mama cook).  :) 
This time next week we'll be heading to Texarkana for Thanksgiving!  I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is already here.  Seems like just yesterday I was 12 weeks pregnant and "officially announcing" we were pregnant. 
AND FOR THE RECORD....I love Duck Dynasty!!


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