Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Last night my BFF, Alison, and I had wine after work girls night.  We sat outside of a restaurant in City Center and talked about work, our Thanksgivings and our crazy cute kids!  It was so nice outside and the Christmas lights and fires were beautiful....and we were both home by 7:30!  Gotta love a little girl time and the holidays. 

Today I did something I've never done before....I took baby boy to daycare on my day off!  Our closets needed some serious attention.  Closet cleaning was on my "nesting to do list" but didn't get done due to bedrest at 29 weeks!  Things just got worse when we were living at the hospital for a month.  SO, today was the day!  I figured William would be better off at school where he could play and read books with his teacher.  Gordon and I woke up and did our normal morning routine.  I helped him get William all loaded up and then I got busy.  I did some laundry, took a shower, took G's stuff to the dry cleaners (and picked up a peppermint mocha!), and organized 2 1/2 closets.  Things are looking so much better!  I picked William up at school around 11:00 and headed to Buffalo Grill for lunch with daddy.  I love me some chicken fried chicken from BG!!! 
After lunch we did a little shopping.  I had to get this little jewelry tray that has a quote from William James! 
And last but not least baby boy got the second part of his flu shot.  We visited my work friends first and William really turned on the charm.  He was loving all the pretty ladies!  He did great with the shot but it's made him a sleepy head this afternoon. 
I'm of course super excited about the weekend being right around the corner.  My parents will be in town so I'm going to take advantage and put up our Christmas decorations!  We're also planning on doing some Christmas shopping, going to see Santa and Gordon and I are going to his company Christmas dinner Saturday night!  Busy Busy but FUN!

William looked so cute this morning in his lil North Face that I almost had him stay home with me!!  I will say that over the last 7 months I've learned that to be the best mommy you have to be the best YOU!  I can see how it would be easy to "lose yourself" because being a mom takes everything you have (and you want to be with that sweet baby ALL the time).  But, you gotta have mommy time.  Even if it is drinking a peppermint mocha and cleaning closets!  :)

Love me some William!


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