Monday, July 6, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend seems like a lifetime ago for some reason?!?!  Here's a little recap of  "week 21 of 2015".  
We had just gotten back from our annual beach vacation in Rosemary Beach.  I started the week off with a trip into town for a doctors appointment.  My other day off work was spent with this little cutie at the zoo.  It was an extra special trip because the Houston Zoo had just opened the new gorilla exhibit.  They had a week when only zoo members could check things we had to go (before it got crazy busy)!  As always, we had an awesome time.  William thought the gorillas "talking" was funny, we got to see the elephants get a bath, William got sprayed with water by one of the elephants (he thought this was hilarious), and he really took a liking to the fish (I liked the air conditioned room!).    
Where are you Mr. Gorilla?  |  There you are!  |  Crawling through the fish tunnel
Carousel time  |  My little elephant lover, drum player  |  Look Mama!  

On Friday night we headed to Texarkana for the long weekend.  Although we'd just been with the Gooding side of the family, we decided to make one last trip before baby girl makes her appearance!  Our trips out of town are numbered since AG could come anytime (if she takes after her brother).  We hadn't been to T-town since November, so we were over due for a trip to East Texas.  
We had a fun weekend being lazy!  William loved getting to fish.  He even got over his fear of touching them.  I was shocked to see him grab the first fish he caught!  He even touched the worms they used for bait.  He's becoming such a BOY!  This mama and daddy even made it out to dinner one night with some friends. :)     

It's hard to believe that we'll have 2 kiddos the next time we visit Texarkana!!  I can only imagine how loaded down our car will be when we add a newborn to the mix.  :)

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