Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Week Houston Flooded

We had just made it back home, from our trip to East Texas, when the weather got crazy!  Soon after putting William to bed the lighting and thunder began....and it didn't stop until after 4am.  My phone alarmed all night long, "Flash Flood Warning".  I was more worried about William waking up from all the noise outside.  I had no idea what we'd wake up to!  Luckily, William slept through the entire storm. :)  Gordon had to be at a job site early in the morning so he was out the door by 6am....without ever turning on the TV to see what he was about to drive into....WATER!  Long story short, many of the school districts shut down, which meant daycare shut too.  Gordon was stuck in town, unable to make it to his job site, so William and I had an unexpected day together at home!    
As the week went on we got one surprise after another.  I came home to a sick little boy after "moms night out" with my good friend Rachel.  After a traumatizing doctor's appointment the next day, the little guy was diagnosed with a sinus infection.  We didn't get to see our usual doctor that day.  :(  Poor little William is still talking about how the doctor hurt his ear {she did in fact scrape the inside of his ear, making it bleed, when she was trying to get a little piece of wax out}.  Luckily, 48 hours later, just in time for the weekend, he was feeling 100% better!
Back home Memorial Day evening...before the rain | Lots of cuddling on the couch when he was sick
Little Gym Fun |  Heading to get a snocone | Can't forget any of your toys at the pool!

That weekend, we finally took the plunge and started potty training!  For the past 9 months I could get William to randomly pee pee on the potty, but most of the time he would tell me, "No, it scares me!"  He was still waking up most mornings with a wet diaper and not acting too upset about having a wet diaper during the day.  Regardless, we decided it was time!  The first day was obviously the hardest (but not as bad as I expected).  At one point Gordon compared it to having a new puppy.  LOL.  On Sunday, we went to church, out to lunch and to get William's hair cut....all the trips to the bathroom were harder on this preggo mama than him!  {I may have toppled over at one point....William giggled and said, "What happened, Mama?"  Oh nothing sweetie, my center of gravity is just a bit off!}   Luckily, I didn't have to work on Monday so we had some extra time to perfect his potty skills.  His first week of big boy pants at school didn't go to well.  :(  But, the next week he did fabulous!  Since then he hasn't had a single accident and wakes up in the morning with a dry pull up 95% of the time.  WAY TO GO WILLIAM!  We are so proud of how well he's done.  He made a scary task seem like a piece of cake.  

Here's to hoping our next little one is easy to potty train too!!!!!  

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