Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rosemary Beach 2015

I'm always pleasantly surprised when the time comes around for us to board the plane for Rosemary Beach.  Time goes by so fast!!  It's hard to believe that this was our 5th trip to Rosemary Beach for the annual Gooding summer vacation (and our 4th year to take William).  This was, by far, the best year we've had with William at the beach.  His first year he was only a few months old.  I was pumping every 3 soon as I'd get down to the beach it was time to head back home to pump again.  William's second year wasn't much better.  He would eat the sand, we'd put him in the water, he'd be sticky and just cry from there.  Last year he finally started having fun, but this year he was a true beach bum!!!  This child would have stayed on the beach all day and night if we let him.  

As always, I took a million pictures.  So, I'll do a few "Rosemary Beach 2015" posts.  Here are a few of the family pictures we got!        
The 20 week baby bump was perfect!  Not too big and not too small.  At this stage I was getting a little restless about all that's included in "pelvic rest".  For a person that enjoys exercising and being in shape it's been hard.  In the end, it's obviously very worth it...but I'll be glad to get back into shape.  I'm sad to say that just our walks on the beach made my lower legs hurt.  LOL.    

This was how most of our days went:
8:00 Up and out of bed for breakfast, playing around the house and getting lotioned up for the beach
10-12:30  Beach Time
12:30-1:30  Home to wash off and then off to lunch
2-4:00  Nap time (this is super late for him..there may have been a few breaks downs during dessert :)
On the days we didn't have dinner plans away from the house we headed back to the beach after nap time.  Every evening, after the sun went down, was spent crabbing!  The little man rarely went to be before 10:00.  YIKES!  Every morning, when the sun came up, William would run in our room saying, "The suns up!  I go to the beach."  I'm sad to say the sun comes up around 5:30am in RB.  Luckily, he would lay down with us and fall back to sleep for a couple of hours.   

Too busy playing to take a picture |  Baby Bump  |  Kisses for AG  |  Again, more interested in the sand on his hand  |  Taking it easy out on our balcony  |  Breakfast and Bike Ride

I can hardly wait to get Anna Grace out there in a little ruffly bathing suit!  Here's to hoping she'll take her morning nap under an umbrella while big brother plays.

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