Tuesday, August 11, 2015

31 weeks pregnant with #2

How far along? 31 weeks (July 24th-July 30th)  
Weight gain:  Didn't gain any weight the past 2 weeks (up a total of 25 lbs).
Energy: I "caught" the cold William had (yucky nose, eye drainage, productive cough).  No sleep = tired mama (and little boy).      
Best moment this week: I got several things checked off my to do list!  I saw my OB, got my hair done, and went to the dentist.  Knowing that I delivered William at 32 weeks has put my nesting into overdrive.  
Movement:  Same.  Still lots of wiggling around at night.
Food cravings:  Not much of an appetite with the cold.      
Anything making you queasy or sick: All the drainage from the cold.  Being sick is no fun.      
Miss anything?  Sleep!  Between the cold, the worst heartburn ever, getting up to use the restroom, and having to deal with William when he gets up in the middle night....I'd say God is doing a good job preparing me for a newborn.  ;)
Maternity Clothes:  Tops have to be maternity.  Some of the skirts I wear aren't maternity but are super stretchy!     
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody? Feeling a little anxious/nervous about when she'll arrive.  
Other pregnancy symptoms:  Worst. Heartburn. Ever.  I should buy stock in Tums.  Every night it starts at 7pm.  Laying down is miserable.  So, I prop myself up on lots of pillows and hope for the best (which usually means not falling asleep until midnight).  I feel so bad for anyone that suffers from this on a regular basis.  No fun!    
From the doctor:  Dr. Zepeta was really worried about how low she is now.  She is just hanging out, head down, right over my cervix.  He felt like this was a big change since he saw me 2 weeks ago.  My belly measurement didn't change either (another indication that she has dropped down really low).  I was instructed to take it very easy.  Basically, try to be on bed rest when at home and light duty on the days I work.  I think we'd all be super happy if I'd make it to 34/35 weeks.  If I'm still pregnant, the stitch will come out at 36 or 37 weeks. The next anatomy scan will be done at 34 weeks.  Depending on her size, a decision will be made as to when to remove the stitch (with some of my symptoms, it will most likely be 37 weeks).  
This pic is too funny to not post.  Can you tell he, all of a sudden, had to go pee pee!

With her arrival date quickly approaching, I've been thinking a lot more about how William will adjust, what our new "normal" will look like, and if I'll do a good job with 2 babies.  I know I'll love her just as much as I love William, but it's so hard to believe that your heart can love that much!  I can hardly wait for us to be a family of four (well, I can wait a little longer because the NICU would be no fun).

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