Monday, August 3, 2015

Family Filled Weekend

Week 24 was another fun week filled with lots of time with family.  William was in Midland at the beginning of the week, so we got a couple of date nights in.  I had to go into town on Monday for an appointment with my MFM and then the dermatologist.  Gordon and I met up afterward for dinner at Jonathan's Rub.  We love their salads (and the mac 'n cheese)!  Tuesday evening I got my nails and then we went to see Entourage...which, by the way, was pretty funny (and a good change up from Disney shows).  I headed to Austin on Thursday to meet my mom and William.  :)  We got to meet my cousin's new baby girl, Ellie, and visit with my aunt.  William was super attached to me for the next few days.  He had lots of fun in Midland but was glad to be back at "his home".  What can I say, all three of us are home bodies!     
Meeting Baby B | My handy helper | Painting baby girls room
Fishing with the boys | They caught a BIG fish! | Daddy caught an alligator
Happy birthday, Papa | Celebrating Anna Grace | Dinner at Lupe!

That weekend we got Anna Grace's room painted pink and painted the furniture we bought back in February white.  Everything turned out perfect!  We are so lucky to have had help from my mother in law, dad, mom and of course William.  Haha.  The hardest part of painting the room was keeping William out of the area.  Sunday was my dad's birthday and the day of Anna Grace's baby shower.  It was a fun filled day spent celebrating two of my favorite people!  

It's no wonder this pregnancy is just flying by....every day/weekend is filled with something to do.  Going to the dermatologist had been on my to do list for a while.  It's a great feeling to get much needed things done.  I had a suspicious mole biopsied during the visit.  Luckily, everything came back okay!  Please remember to check your skin and see your dermatologist every year!!!  Life is too precious.  :)  
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