Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas (Part 2)

Christmas morning we woke up and lounged around in our PJs drinking coffee and eating waffles before we started opening presents. William picked a great time to start sitting up on his own.  :)  We had so much fun watching him "open" presents....really he was more interested in the bows and wrapping paper (and all the dogs running around).  Later in the morning we went to church and then spent the rest of the afternoon laying around.  We had some family game time, watched some Christmas shows and I did all our laundry before packing up all of our stuff so we could head back home!  Thankfully, William did great on the flight back and he didn't have any problems with his ears after we landed.  His mimi got into town that night so she could watch him the rest of the week while Gordon and I worked.  The two of them had a fun couple of days together! 
As always, we had a great time in Midland!  I love that Gordon gets to get outdoors and do fun stuff while we are there.  I also love that William adores my parents, Dustin and Skye.  I hate that we live so far away but thankfully everyone gets to see him at least once a month.  I have about a million pictures of William sleeping in Dustin or my dad's arms.  Guess I should call them the baby whisperers!  Dustin will be an excellent daddy one day.

We opened presents with Mimi on the 26th after having dinner with Grant, Emily and Emily's mom.  Gordon and William got me a beautiful necklace!  G and I had talked about it for my "pushing present" but instead I got some fancy shoes that I never thought he'd actually ever buy me!  William's birthstone was supposed to be emerald so I'd looked at that originally...since he was born 8 weeks early his birthstone ended up being a DIAMOND!  So, I thought a blue stone would be perfect to represent our blue eyed baby boy.  I'll remember our perfect first Christmas with William every time I wear my necklace!  Gordon of course got a new truck, money towards a new gun, some new shoes and clothes.  My parents got us a great new vacuum that will make cleaning the stairs a breeze!  I also got some beautiful pictures frames from the Goodings and new boots, work shoes, earrings and a phone cover from my parents.  The little buddy got lots of toys, books, puzzles, clothes, a new backpack and lunch box. 

Needless to say, we had a wonderful Christmas week!  I think the best part is having extra time off work to spend together.  There is nothing better than cuddling on the couch with my boys.  I decided to take it easy until after the new year.  I spend most of my free time when William is napping running around the house cleaning or doing laundry.  Instead, Gordon and I got lots of movie time in.  We have only watched a few movies since William was born but that all changed over the break!  If William was napping we were on the couch watching either a movie or one of our favorite cooking shows.  I'm already looking forward to our next "staycation"!

We are so lucky to have the families that we do!!!  We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.


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