Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas (Part 1)

The Friday before Christmas we loaded the car up and headed to the airport for Midland!  We got our bags checked and through security in record time.  We even had time to grab a burger for dinner.  William did great on the flight...he and I even fell asleep towards the end.  Unfortunately, this is where our luck ended.  The poor little guy's ears were hurting so he screamed the whole drive home and then proceeded to vomit all over me once he was out of his carseat.  This continued on for about an hour.  We gave him a bath, bottle and some tylenol and he finally calmed down and fell asleep.  He woke up the next morning happy as can be! 
Saturday morning I had an amazing massage while Nana watched William and daddy hunted with Papa.  My mom and I finished some last minute Christmas shopping, ate lunch at one of my favorite Mexican food joints and bought the cutest rodeo outfit for William at a little boutique.  That night we went to another of my favorites, Venezias, for dinner with my parents.  There was a couple about my parents age sitting next to us....when in walked in their son dressed in his military uniform.  The mother jumped up hugging him tight and cried.  Their son had obviously come home from duty and surprised them.  I then proceeded to cry as well.  I just can't imagine being in her shoes.  She must be so scared and so proud all at the same time.  My sweet mom and dad picked up their check that evening.  THANKS TO THOSE THAT SERVE! :)  After getting William down to bed G and I headed out to have a little date night and catch up with some old friends. 
Sunday we did lots of relaxing.  G and I were a bit under the weather so we tried to get some naps in when we could.  Gordon and my dad went shooting that day and I made enchiladas for dinner!
Christmas Eve was spent cooking and doing more laying around before my grandparents came over for dinner.  I must say my mom did an excellent job cooking!  We had yummy prime rib along with a million other things.  I even ventured out and made green bean casserole for the first time (using a great recipe from The Chew).  Dustin and Skye got back into town that day so we had a houseful.  William had lots of people to play with that evening!  We had planned on going to church that evening but W started getting sleepy so we decided to go on Christmas day.  So, instead we cuddled on the couch and watched It's A Wonderful Life.  Doesn't get much better than that!!   

Up next....Christmas Day!


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