Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guest Blogger for TCH ~ New Year's Resolutions

2013 is here and 2012 is gone….and to be honest I was a little sad. We welcomed our precious baby boy into this world in 2012 so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. I can only hope that this coming year is equally as wonderful! The holiday season was extra fun this year with our new addition. Just watching him toss wrapping paper around makes my heart melt. We even started a few new traditions in the Gooding house. Gordon and I decided that every year, at the beginning of December, he and I would have a movie date followed by Christmas shopping for the the little buddy. We also added an Elf On A Shelf to our Christams d├ęcor in prepartion for the years to come!! Having a baby in the house during the holidays seems to make everything sparkle a little more. 
With the holidays now behind us we are looking forward to the new year and lots of new things…like a mobile baby!   This leads me to one of my new years resolutions…..organizing and baby proofing. The medicine cabinet and cleaning closet now have a total new meaning….danger. I’m also hoping to get back into a work out routine. After being put on bedrest, living at the hospital for a month and then keeping up with the needs of a newborn and my family I just ran out of time and motiviation. So, hopefully one of these days soon I’ll get a burst of energy and be back in workout mode (it’d probably help if the little guy would sleep through the night….that’s an entirely different resolution though! ).
Holding my Elf!


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