Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick Baby

Last week William started having a cough, runny nose and yucky diapers.  He refused to eat anything beside bottles and just wasn't acting like himself.  We had a trip planned to West Texas and were leaving on Friday so I decided to take him to the pediatrician last Tuesday.  I wanted to make sure his ears were okay before we made the flight to Midland.  At that point he hadn't had a fever.  Everything check out good.  No ear infection and his lungs were clear.  Baby boy just had a virus. 
Friday morning we packed up and headed to Midland.  William did great and he even ate some cereal and apples before we got on the plane!  We were going to Lubbock that night to see George Strait and Martina McBride kick off his last tour so once we were in Midland I started getting everything ready for my grandparents to watch him.  Gordon gave William a bath, he ate some cereal and sweet potatoes and all of his toys and other important belongings were unpacked and ready to go.  He seemed to be feeling better....which of course made me feel better!  Well, that's where it ended.  At 2am William woke up and had a 102 temperature.  He turned 9 months old on Saturday so I guess we should be thankful this was his first fever.  Luckily, tylenol broke his fever every time and he was still drinking all his bottles everyday.  He did stop eating food again.  Nighttime has been no fun.  He wakes up every 1-2 hours crying.  :(  We flew home on Sunday afternoon and I've been at home with him since.  He's been a sweet baby the entire time.  There's been a lot of snuggling, vicks vapor rub, cool rags, tylenol and saline nose spray!  Yesterday he had a fever at 4 am and again at 4pm but has has been afebrile since then.  Yippeee!  He still didn't sleep well last night but was able to eat some cereal and mangoes today for lunch.  Tomorrow is his 9 month check up...I'm curious to see what they say about his ears.  I don't think he has an ear infection but you never know?!?!
Being off work for the past two days makes me feel like I'm back on maternity leave.  It's been OH SO NICE!!!  I love getting up, drinking coffee and watching GMA while William takes his morning nap, doing laundry and dishes/bottles throughout the day, snuggling with my baby whenever I want and not feeling rushed to get everything done before an early bedtime because of work the next day.  I'm already looking forward to maternity leave with the next baby.  HAHA.  But, it's back to work on Thursday.  Hopefully we can get this baby's sleeping situation back under control before next week.  YUCK. 
Waiting for the doctor

Have a good day at work Daddy!

Feeling better today so we got some
fresh air and Vitamin D at the park!


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