Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Cards and a New Year

It's hard to believe that 2012 is gone.  Time has never flown by so quickly!  Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best part of the year.....well, honestly I love something about every part of the year but the holidays are filled with family time, Christmas lights, yummy food, cooler weather and Christmas cards....and nothing makes me happier!  Although I'm sad to see it go I am glad to have a calmer calendar ahead of us.  Having something scheduled every weekend makes the normal day to day life even more hectic! 

William has been a busy bee!  He gets his creativity from his daddy. :)
As you can see in the picture above we have a little artist on our hands.  HAHA.  I don't think I'll ever be able to throw this stuff away!  When I opened the card from William I cried.  Yep, I sure did (motherhood has turned me into an even bigger softy than I already was).  His teachers got us an ornament with a picture of him and this home made card.  It's the best gift I got all year.  Seriously.  That little boy couldn't make us any happier!  We're also so glad and grateful he's able to go to a school where they love him and take such good care of him while we are working. 

Moving's a little recap of our New Years and getting Christmas cards in the mail....

I'll start with our first family Christmas card.  We had pictures taken while we were in Texarkana over Thanksgiving and really loved how they turned out!  I ordered the cards a couple of weeks before Christmas but encountered a little bit of drama trying to get them delivered to our house.  FexEx said they had been delivered to our house but we never received them.  :(  I called TinyPrints to let them know and was surprised when they said they would give me a refund.  Long story short FexEx discovered the cards had been delivered to the wrong house so I went by and got them (by then it was only a few days before Christmas)!  The cards went out a little late but I figured it was better than never.  When we got back in town from Midland I called TinyPrints to let them know we ended up finding the cards and to please recharge me.  The lady was a little surprised and ended up only charging me half of the original price.  The story gets better.....yesterday I got a handwritten letter in the mail from TinyPrints! 
Here's what it said:
It was an absolute pleasure assisting you today.  Thank you so much for calling us after receiving your order and letting us know.  Your honesty is commendable and truly appreciated.  Thanks again for the reminder that there are still good, honest, upstanding people in the world.
I will forever order from TinyPrints!!  Not only were they willing to refund me for a mistake they didn't make but they sat down and took the time to hand write a note thanking me for calling.  Great company in my opinion!!!

Gordon and I got to have a night out together on New Years Eve.  It was our 5th year to go to dinner at Sonoma Wine Bar on NYE.  2009 we went with Whitney and Chris, 2010 we got engaged that night!, 2011 was our first married NYE, 2012 we went with my parents and I was preggo, and 2013 our 8 month old baby was at home!  After a yummy dinner and some delicious Cakebread we went to a new bar in our neighborhood.  I had some champagne and G had a beer, we ran into some old friends and at 10:00 we headed home to see our sweet baby boy....who was surprisingly still awake!!  I guess he knew it was a party night.  Don't worry, after snapping a few pictures on an iPhone, William and I were off to bed and asleep by 10:30.  haha

"Guys, what is on my head?"
Most days he drives me crazy but I couldn't love him any more!
We had a relaxing New Years day.  I slowed cooked some black eyed peas, we lounged around in our PJs and William made a new year's resolution to sleep through the night!  :)

YEAH for 2013!!!


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