Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Since the little guy was finally feeling better and had been fever free for more than 24 hours he headed to daycare yesterday morning so I could run some errands.  I figured getting back to our normal schedule would be helpful too!  G dropped him off at daycare and I headed out to grab some coffee, drop off dry cleaning and get my car's oil changed and carpets cleaned.  After all of that I headed to the nail salon in my sparkling clean car.  I was in desperate need of a pedicure!!!  At 11:30 I picked William up so we could go get daddy for lunch.  After having some yummy enchiladas William and I headed to a little play date with Emersen and Rachel.  I trained Rachel at M.D. Anderson 3 years ago and we became fast friends!!  Her little girl, Emersen, is 16 months old and she is due to have another little girl in March.  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and played at the park before walking over to the yogurt shop.  I'm sure Emersen will enjoy William much more when he can actually play with her!  At least the mommys have fun catching up with each other. 

Our day didn't end there.....we then headed to William's 9 month check up.  Dr. Freedman said his ears looked good and his lungs were still clear.  I guess he just had a little virus.  He's feeling much better today and not nearly as snotty.  A resident saw William first and said he was a very well behaved baby.  :)  He lets them look in his ears, listen to his chest, press on his stomach and everything else without shedding any tears.  After the doctor we finally made it back home (thank goodness for my portable Medela pump).  This mommy popped some chicken in the oven, made some potato soup, we read some books, W had a short nap and then we called it a day!!      

  • Smiling at his daddy who was playing peek a boo with him.
  • He loves touching the water during bath time.
  • Snoozing in the morning (love how he sleeps!).
We are looking forward to this weekend....his Mimi is coming to town and Aunt Emily is having a bridal shower! 


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