Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Getaway

When the boys play momma and baby will have a little getaway! 
That was the case this past weekend!  Since Gordon was heading to New Orleans for his brother's bachelor party William and I decided to make a trip out to West Texas.  Click here to see his first trip to Midland! 
After work on Thursday we headed to the airport for William's 6th (round trip) flight (and our 2nd flight without Daddy).  I'll spare you all the details....I'll just say it was a rough evening.  I realized Gordon had left his keys in my car when I drove up to the airport (...with a screaming baby in the backseat).  Getting through security wasn't too bad but we did have an explosive diaper as our flight was boarding.  NEVER a good thing.  They definitely called my name over the loud speaker!  "Last call for Lindsey Gooding."  What's a mom to do?!?!  Change a very stinky diaper (which can lead to a red hiney) or miss your plane?  I picked the clean hiney and happy neighbors on the plane.  Yes, we made our flight too.  Thankfully, William slept the entire flight.  When we got off the plane we were welcomed with a broken stroller.  Uhhhh!  I guess I kinda expected it to happen but wish it hadn't been when I was alone.  We didn't get to bed that night until midnight!  Baby boy slept like a champ in his crib but the late night came back to haunt us the next day.  
Friday morning we had pictures with Kriti McKnight scheduled.  Kristi is my age and worked with my mom at Santa Rita.  She is now a fabulous photographer.  Poor little William had a breakdown.  He gave us zero smiles and just kept reaching out for me.  Kristi was so sweet and told us to come back the next day if he was feeling better.  After having a quick breakfast with his nana and aunt Skye we headed home for a long nap.  The next day this mommy got a much needed mani/pedi, laid by the pool for an hour while William took a nap and of course went by Le BeBe where we found a precious bathing suit for baby boy.  After a yummy dinner at Luigi's we had movie night in the new theatre room.  We watched This Is 40 and it was hilarious.  If you haven't seen it yet make sure it's next on your rental list (especially if you're married with kids). 
On Sunday we said our goodbyes and headed back home.  The broken stroller still caused me problems but people really are so sweet and helpful when you have a baby.  The captain of our flight helped us getting on and even waited for us to get off to help me get the stroller and carseat situated.  He said he had kids himself and knew how hard it could be.  William and I headed straight to the grocery store and then home to cook dinner and make baby food. 
  • Dinner at Luigi's
  • Going home with Nana & Papa after dinner at GT Country Club (mommy went and had grown up time with Dustin and Skye)
  • Mommy & baby enjoying the beautiful (windy) weather
  • Papa put his feet in the water....COLD!
  • Movie night (puppies included)
As always, we were sad to leave but so excited to see everyone for his first birthday next month!
Gordon was in bed at 8pm last night.....guess that means he had a fun weekend too. I can see a girls trip in my near future!!!! Any takers ladies?


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