Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

So, this week instead of being off on Wednesday I was off yesterday.  It ended up working out well since I wasn't feeling good at work on Monday.  Getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning does a body good!  We also got to go to DefineBaby before meeting Gordon for lunch.  Unfortunately, they only have the baby class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Hopefully I'll have off the first Thursday of every month so we can go to Define and I can make it to my APHON meetings in the med center in the evening.  Our Define workout went great yesterday.  We had a super cute preggo instructor that was due to have her baby today!  She looked fabulous and William thought she was pretty funny.  He did great during the class and even tried to imitate what we were doing towards the end.  I guess I got a good work out in because I can barely move today.  :(  Being this sore just makes me what to stay more on top of it so I don't have to hurt like this again.  yuck.
After a healthy lunch at Chili's (haha) with G, William and I headed to Berings to pick up his birthday invitations (which turned out super cute).  We also got his Easter basket presents and have ordered his Easter outfit!  I can do some serious damage in that store.  yikes!  We headed home after that so I could catch up on babyfood making while William took his afternoon nap.  He tried strawberries for the first time and seemed to like them okay.  We did some laundry, sorted through clothes that don't fit him and practiced crawling and pulling up!  He's getting to be such a big boy.  Last night I was holding him on my chest and I realized how long he is now.  Seems like just yesterday I could scoop him out of his bassinet with only one hand and his little body only took up a foot of space on my chest.  xoxo.  He sure does make me one happy lady!  His little smile is contagious. 


Today was Rodeo Day at William's school.  He wore the cutest little outfit my mom got him in Midland.  I'll post pictures soon!  We're sad to say that William had to get a new afternoon teacher at school.  Jessica, who worked from 2-6, is pregnant and was told by her doctor to not lift anything more than 10 pounds.  We will miss her! 


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