Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bed Rest 101

It's hard to believe that this time last year my world was being turned upside down.  BED REST!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was wearing a green and blue striped shirt.  Seeing my reflection in the mirror as I walked into my doctor's office still shocked me.  I knew, while laying there on the table having an ultrasound done, before they said anything, that bed rest was in my future.  Drinking the nasty orange sugar stuff didn't even phase me since there were a million things running through my mind.  I didn't tell my family at the time that the doctor could feel his head when she did my examine!  Yikes that baby was low!  Dr. B kept asking me how close I parked to the office.  The last thing she said was, "Go right home and lay down.  Only get up to use the bathroom and to heat up soup, no cooking.  Period."   We were a nervous wreck.  29 weeks was just too early.  We prayed I'd make it to 34 weeks.  I've never seen Gordon more anxious than during this time period. 
Now here we are with an 11 month old who is happy and healthy.  I'll never forget March 26th!

For any mommas out there reading this, here are some bed rest tips (you can also visit the American Pregnancy Association for more information).

  • People will tell you to enjoy your time off work because you'll never get this kind of opportunity again (to lay around and sleep all day without a baby and no work).  Just give them a smile and say okay.....if you've been on bed rest you know this couldn't be farther from the truth.  YOU WORRY.  Your baby could possibly be in jeopardy and if you're like me you're not bringing home a paycheck while not working. 
  • But, do try your best to enjoy your alone time.
  • It's normal to cry every day...well at least for me it was.  :)
  • Make a routine.
  • If you have some of the nursery done go in the room once a day, sit in a chair and think about holding that precious baby. 
  • Have one place that you stay the majority of the day that isn't your bed. 
  • Have a couple healthy snacks between meals.  It will give you something to look forward to and it helps break up the day.  My favorites were carrots and ranch, pumpkin seeds, pudding and fruit snacks. 
  • Get caught up on thank you notes and update your address book.
  • Read something besides baby books. :) 
  • I made appointments.....for Gordon to have his teeth cleaned, Gus to go the vet and a dentist appointment for me after William's due date. 
  • Have pillows, tums and chap stick at every location!  All the laying down is terrible for indigestion.
  • If you have multiple stories in your home like I do have a phone charger on each floor. 
  • Grab your snack/drink when you're up for a bathroom break.  Cluster things together as much as possible. 
A typical day for me went like this....I woke up when Gordon did around 7:00.  He'd bring me breakfast and I'd eat upstairs in our room while I watched GMA, Kelly and sometimes The View.  I usually took a little cat nap after that.  Around 11:00 I'd stop into William's nursery and sit in the glider for a few minutes and read him a book.  Afterwards, I'd head down stairs to eat lunch and read my book.  I usually talked to Gordon around this time too.  I loved watching The Chew and of course blogging.  After snack time I'd take a nap around 4:00.  Most days Gordon was home by 6:00 and boy was I happy to have company.  I'd tell him how to make dinner, he'd bring it into the living room where we would eat and watch TV until 10 pm when it was time for bed!  We watched lots of movies and home improvement shows.  :)

So, eventhough it's hard to really enjoy this time try your best because it's the most rest you'll get for a long time.  I read something to William tonight from his Jesus Calling for Kids book that was perfect.  ~ Waiting on Me means trusting Me with every fiber of your being instead of trying to figure it all out yourself.  I will fill your life with blessings.  I will give you strength and joy and hope.  "It is good to wait quietly for the Lord to save."  -Lamentations 3:26 

 Let me know if anyone has any other advise for bed rest mommas because there's a good chance I'll be there again soon.  :)


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