Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patricks's Day Now & Then

This time last year we were making big changes in the Gooding house!  Both of our moms were in town for my first babyshower, we had maternity pictures taken and the man room was retired and William's nursery came to life!  I was 27 weeks pregnant and getting SO excited about meeting baby boy soon.  I did get sick the night before the babyshower.  I think I'd over done it on Friday with all the up and down the stairs etc.  By the time the babyshower started I was feeling better and happy to see all my girlfriends to celebrate William!  After taking the picture on the right I headed up stairs for a nap.  :) (I could've really used one of those today.  haha).  *a little side note* three years ago our parents were meeting for the first time and we had our engagement pictures taken!  Can't wait to see what next year has in store for us. 
Here we are a year later!  Beside being in desperate need of a tan, things are great.  Poor little William hasn't been feeling good though.  We did make it to the park to walk Saturday and Sunday, got the car washed, G and I watched Argo and I got lots of birthday party stuff done (more on my new Cricut to come!).  It's become painfully clear that William is going to have seasonal allergies just like his dad.  Boo.  I love the Spring.  It's really the best time of year in Houston.  But, it looks like William's going to have to stay in doors until the pollen calms down.  I always wanted to get married in March until I realized I'd be marrying Gordon.  He's a sneezy mess all month long!  I guess you make sacrifices for the ones you love. 
After a yummy St. Patrick's day corned beef dinner both my boys are sound asleep while I blog and watch a little Duck Dynasty.  As always I am cracking up.  We had a happy, happy weekend!


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