Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

I told Gordon the other day I feel like I'm finally starting to catch up on sleep and I have more energy (most days)!  Yesterday I felt like we had so much time to get things done.  Getting better sleep at night really makes a difference!  The first 6 months were tough for me since I was basically up every 3 hours to pump and feed.  I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time while he was in the NICU so I definitely had some catching up to do in the sleep department.  This past week is the first week I haven't had to go into his room in the middle of the night to put his paci back in to help him fall back asleep.  YEAH for self soothing! 
Anyways, the point to all of that is, I got a lot done yesterday and didn't feel so rushed.  During William's morning nap I had some coffee, did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and blogged.  Gordon came home for lunch and then William and I headed to the park to walk.  It was SO nice outside.  Afterwards, we headed home and did a little art project and then drove out to Katy for William's doctor appointment.  I had noticed Tuesday night that W had some dried drainage in his left ear that was kinda green (gross I know).  I've always known it'd be hard to tell when he had an ear infection because A) he always plays with his ears and B) he's a good, laid back baby that doesn't really complain a lot.  Luckily, he hasn't had a fever but I did notice that he was crying a little more than normal when we laid him down for bed on Monday and Tuesday night.  So, to the doctor we went and sure enough he has a little ear infection in his left ear.  More than 50 % of babies will get an ear infection before the age of one!  So, I kinda expected it to happen eventually.  Really, William has been a pretty healthy baby.  No fever until 9 months old (and the sickness ran it's course on it's own) and a small ear infection at nearly 11 months old.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has some new guidelines for ear infections that I think are great (click on the link to read more).  Once we were done at the doctor we headed to the store to pick up baby boys ear drops and a few things for dinner.  I'm so glad we are just doing antibiotic ear drops versus oral!  William seems to be feeling good and that's what matters. 

  • Homemade chicken strips are my favorite!
  • I gave William some unseasoned squash.  He just played with it and then looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to put it in his mouth.  :)
  • This was William's fourth outfit of the day. 
  • Yummy blueberry muffins.   

He is such a sweet little buddy!


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