Monday, January 19, 2015

3 months til 3

I can hardly believe we are about to be parents of a 3 year old!!!!

Favorite Foods-  oatmeal, grapes, goldfish, cupcakes, bananas with peanut butter, he loves veggies (especially asparagus and brussel sprouts), fried okra, chicken strips are becoming more popular and he's found 2 new loves....popcorn and "choc" milk (made with Ovaltine)!
Sleeping-  Nothing new in this department.  When we go into his room for bedtime he'll say, "It's my bed!"  I'm so happy that he loves his bed!!  Hopefully he will like his big boy bunk bed, that we just ordered, as much as he likes his crib.  We are thinking about transitioning him around his birthday. 
Development- William will finally say the word RED!  I guess he decided to give in.  About 6 months ago William was doing good about going to the bathroom in the big potty....that came to a halt about a month after it started.  He still wakes up with a wet diaper and shows NO interest in using the potty.  Maybe in a few months we will give it a shot again. 
Personality- This little guy just gets cuter every day.  He is so full of personality.  His facial expressions are priceless.  He is a happy little guy that loves trucks, buses, playing the drums and snuggling with his mama. 
Clothing size- William is in a size 5 diaper.  He's still in a 5 or 6 shoe size and is still a huge fan of his shoe collection.  His clothing size hasn't changed (mostly 2T).  He has really narrow hips so jeans seem to fall off.....maybe I'll look for a little man belt! 
Things mommy loves-
I used to think I'd be sad when he was big and no longer a baby.  But, I'm not!  He's so darn funny and makes me laugh all day long.  William loves to cook with me.  He'll say, "I see, I wanna see Mama!"  He loves helping stir and dump stuff into bowls.  These are such precious moments.  I hope he'll cook with me forever. 
Things WJG loves- His lovie is his new love (how he says lovie is precious "wuvie").  He loves when Daddy is his horsey and "rides" him around the house (poor Gordon).  William will say, "It's my horse!"  Yep buddy, he's yours!  If we'd let William he'd go to the movie theater every day.  I can tell he's going to be a movie lover like his parents.  He has really started to embrace Little Gym.  He listens so well now and does everything the teacher shows him.  William really loves to play hide 'n seek.  When he hears the door open when Gordon gets home he'll run and hide and start saying "shhhhhhhhhhhh".  When Gordon finds him, in his not so hidden hiding spot, he starts laughing hysterically.  :)  
Things WJG doesn't like-  This little man does not like jackets or hats anymore.  He won't even wear a vest or let me layer things (ex: shirt with a pullover on top).  He's always pulling his sleeves way up, so he must not like a lot of fabric on his arms?!?!?  At daycare they have to put his jacket on backwards and zip him in.  LOL.  Stubborn should be his middle name.  One of his classmates asked me the other day why William always took his jacket off.  HAHA!!!!  William also feels very strongly about what PJs he wears at night.  Very bizarre but true.  Every night he must pick out what he's going to wear (and the footed PJs never get picked). 
Favorite Things To Say-  "Is ready now?"  He usually asks this about food that we are cooking.  He loves to play hide 'n seek....he'll say, "I get you!"  My favorite thing to hear him say is "LOOK MAMA!!"  He sounds so sweet and innocent when he says those two little words.  Children are such a blessing.  They have such wonder in their eyes and are filled with curiosity.  When he says, "Look Mama" I know something has sparked his interest and he's usually super happy and excited!  He picked up the phrase "get away" at daycare.  Although it sounds really cute when he says it we try to redirect and tell him that hurts peoples feelings.  
Funny Dad Moments- Watching Gordon ride William around on his back as his horsey will never get old.  It'll be a sad day when he's too big. 
First time- William moved up classes the first week in December.  I was a little nervous about the transition since he'd be leaving his favorite teacher, Ms. Nora.  But, he's done fabulous.  He isn't crying at drop off anymore and seems to really be thriving.  I think he likes being with kids bigger than him!  William met his cousin, Katherine, for the first time in November and he watched his first movie at the theater on Christmas Eve (Penguins of Madagascar). 
Doctor-  We've only been to the doctor once for his double ear infection.  He only had fever for one day but 2 days after that started telling me his ear had a "boo boo".  He also had a trip to the dentist.  The dentist said we were doing a good job with brushing (William hates this nightly routine).  It's looking like the little man is missing a couple of his bottom teeth. :( There's nothing we can do about it at this point.  The dentist says he may still have the adult teeth, just not the baby teeth.  Time will tell.    
Cheers to birthday party planning!!  It'll be here in the blink of an eye.

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