Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2014

Another Christmas is in the books!!  This was the first Christmas that William really understood what was going on.  He would open a present and say, "Oh wow!"  It was hard to get him to move onto another present since he was already busy playing with the first.  [I hear this will change in a few years] 
SANTA!!  *this green chair was my dad's as a child!*
We flew into Midland on Monday evening so we had 2 full days and most of Christmas to spend with my family.  On Tuesday, we took William to Pop and GG's house, in Big Spring, to see the turkeys and goats.  He even got to feed the turkeys some corn!  On Christmas Eve we took William to see his first movie at the theater!!  When we walked up he said, "It's BIG!"  He was even more excited when he saw that the concession stand was overflowing with popcorn (also known as "toptorn").  We went to see Penguins of Madagascar and it didn't disappoint.  It was super cute and kept William's attention.  He did a great job and talked about the movie the whole way home.
After opening presents on Christmas morning we headed to mass and then spent the afternoon relaxing and taking his new car for a spin.  Whenever William would see a stick on the sidewalk, that he may run over with his car, he'd get off his car, pick up the stick, hand it to me and then get back to driving.  I hope he's this cautious when he's 16 years old and driving for real!  Unfortunately, our flight home on Christmas evening was delayed.  Instead of getting to Houston at 8:30 we didn't land until 10:30.  I finally put William into his crib at midnight.  Whewwww.  Long but good day!

Decorating Cookies  |  Too cute  |  Playing with his new train  |  Checking out his big truck from Santa  |  Santa Came!  |  Opening presents with Mimi on the 26th  |  A choo choo from GG and Pop  |  My future drummer  |  Taking his car for a spin  |  2 handsome fellows

I'm sure Christmas next year will be even more fun!!!  I secretly hope he still calls Santa "HO HO HO".  Cheers to Christmas being on a Friday next year....this means there's no way I'll have to work the next day.  :)  

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