Sunday, January 11, 2015


In mid December William and I made a trip to Dallas to meet my parents for ICE!  I love holiday traditions so I'm excited to add this one to our list.  We definitely learned a few things this year that will make trips to come more fun.  The first is location.  We decided to stay 2 miles down the road at The Embassy Suites.  If we did it again, I think we all agreed, we'd stay at the Gaylord where ICE! is held.  There are so many other fun kid activities you can enjoy besides the ice show.  I don't know about you but my toddler needs a nap.  Every. Single. Day. At. The. Same. Time.  Unfortunately, his nap falls right around noon.  If we are out and about running errands and decide to grab lunch somewhere things can get nasty.  And by that I mean someone can have a nasty attitude!  Sometimes William does great but there are others when he's so tired and grumpy. 

Anyways, back to ICE!  By staying at the Gaylord you avoid the parking garage (and the walking involved in that) and you can come and go as you please.  William was super pumped about the ice slide (when we were just talking about it).  He liked the slideshow that was shown beforehand and he really liked the man made snow that came down before we went into the ICE area.  Unfortunately, that's where the happiness ended.  Little man does not like wearing a jacket.  In a 9 degree room this is a problem.  William got cold and fast.  He did wise up and put on the jacket, a hat and mittens....but he was too far gone.  But hey, you live and learn.  We did have fun.  My dad went down the ice slide and we took some fun pictures.  It's hilarious to ask William about our ice adventure. 
Me: "William, did you like the ice slide?" 
William in his most dramatic voice:  "No, it's coooolllllddddd!"  As he pretends to shiver. 

Looking at the snow coming down |  Getting excited to go into ICE!  |  Things were getting cold  |  ICE! with Nana and Papa  |  Papa going down the ice slide  |  Beautiful  |  Almost tall enough  |  Mesmerized by the tall guy  |  Bass Pro Shop  |  Riding a Reindeer

After our ice adventure we had a yummy Mexican lunch with my aunts, walked around the beautifully decorated hotel for a little bit and then headed back to the hotel to visit/nap.  That evening we had fun running around Bass Pro Shop looking at all the cool stuff they have!! 

I can't wait to see how he does next year!!  He'll even be tall enough to go on the snow tubes.     

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