Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Texarkana Thanksgiving

Why am I always so behind on my blogging!?!?!  Maybe that should be one of my about event within 2 weeks.  HA!  We'll see how that goes.   

{Meeting his cousin, Katherine} {He might kinda like her} {Playing outside} {Family Photos} {The Hunters} {Loving being an aunt} {Opening presents with Aunt Ash} {Yogurt with Uncle G and Em} {Play time with Mimi}

This was our year to spend Thanksgiving in Texarkana.  Gordon and I got lucky and both had off the day before Thanksgiving (that's usually not the case).  We drove to T-town late Tuesday night, which gave us 4 full days to visit with family.  As always, the boys did a lot of hunting and William and I got some good naps in together.  Thankfully, the weather was nice so we could play outside some. William will never turn down a chance to play in his sandbox (he has one at each of his grandparent's houses).  I was super excited to sneak away one evening, with Gordon, to see new The Hunger Games movie.  AND, this year we had a special new niece, Katherine Jane!  William wasn't a big fan of me holding baby Katherine.  He would cry, "My mama!"  So, once William was in bed I would sneak in some special baby cuddle time!

The Gooding Girls at the Sip and See!  

Celebrating Baby Katherine!
Now that we have a cousin to play with during Thanksgiving, Gordon and I have talked about spending every Thanksgiving in Texarakana and every Christmas in Midland.  We have 11 months to think about it....we shall see!  Spending that time with the entire Gooding family is priceless.  So many fun memories are made and I know William will love the day when he can hunt with the boys!    
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