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12 weeks preggo

Warning.  This post is a little lengthy......the 12th week was a busy one!  We'll start with the fun stuff, a picture of Baby G!!

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain? 2 pounds (up 1 over the last 3 weeks)
Maternity clothes? Not yet but my waist line is definitely growing. 
Exercise: As of this week, I can't work out for a while.
Sleep: Having a hard time going back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.
Best moment this week:  Waking up from the anesthesia alive!  I have a fear of dying while under anesthesia.  Finding out the sex of the baby!
Miss anything:  I don't miss it yet...but I will.  Working out!  I love staying in shape.  It makes me feel healthier and happier.  But, this is best for the baby.  :)
Movement:  Not yet. 
Food cravings:  Cheetos (really any kind of chip)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee and sweet potatoes     
Labor signs:  I've had a lot more pelvic pressure this week (before and since the cerclage was placed)
Belly button in or out? In 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody?  Happy but anxious for the procedure to come and go.  Super excited to find out if another little boy or little girl will complete our family. 
Looking forward to: Mom being in town, seeing friends during the gender reveal and the Houston Rodeo.    .
Other: We bought William mattresses for his big boy bed that will be delivered in a week!  We told my brother, Dustin, and sister in law and officially announced that we were pregnant.
Doctor Appointments:  Genetic test on Monday, 3/16/15.  Baby's heartrate was 177 and he/she was sleeping away with it's little legs crossed at the feet.  All the measurements they did looked good and we later found out the genetic tests came back good.  I saw Dr. Zepeta after the genetic appointment and the baby was waving it's little hands around.  You could see all five little fingers on one of it's hands.  Later in the week I had my anesthesia pre-op appointment.  By the time the actual procedure came on Friday I'd already been stuck 3 times.  My veins were getting grumpy.

In PACU after cerclage was placed
So here's the deal with a cerclage.  What is it?  Here's Wikipeida's definition of a cerclage.  The decision to place the cerclage was made for several different reasons.  #1 the maternal fetal medicine doctor agreed it would be a good idea  #2 My cervix shortened at 29 weeks with William  #3  I've had a premature baby  #4  After the surgery on my uterus, in August 2013, Dr. Zepeta was pretty sure I had an incompetent cervix.  #5 I have a messed up uterus.  The risks from placing a cerclage scared me (rupturing membranes etc) but having a baby too early, that wouldn't survive, scared me more.  So, the decision was made!
At 4:45 in the morning, on Friday, March 20th Gordon and I made our way to the med center.  After 3 attempts to start a peripheral IV they were finally successful.  For a minute there I thought I was going to have to start my own IV.  :)   Next up, checking the baby's heartrate.  The nurse searched and searched and nothing.  She called a labor and delivery room nurse.  She had no luck either.  At this point Dr. Zepeta came into the room to say hi.  Gordon informed him that, "Lindsey is freaking out."  I was.  Dr. Zepeta took over and found the heartrate right away.  177  Nice and strong.  After a million more questions were asked by lots of different people I was taken back for the procedure.  This was probably my least fun "falling asleep" experience.  As I was falling asleep I remember my IV burning from the medicine (I was of course worried it was infiltrating....the nurse in me never stops), the sweet nurse next to me said she would take good care of me (this meant the world to me at that moment) and the bad part.....this awful loud ringing in my head.  I remember thinking please fall asleep, please fall asleep......and then I did. 

As I started to come to I heard a nurse say, "Baby's heartrate 155."  Thank you God!  The baby was okay.  When I woke up I looked at the clock to get an idea of how long it'd taken.  No more than an hour.  My throat hurt from being intubated and I had the same yucky taste in my mouth I always have after anesthesia.  BUT, I WAS ALIVE and so was THE BABY.  :)  As soon as my eyes moved away from the clock I found Gordon's eye and burst into tears.  So happy, so scared, so ready to have our little one here...happy and healthy.  Don't get me wrong.  I. Love. Being. Pregnant.  I'd have 6 kids if Gordon, God and our pocket book would let me.  But my body says otherwise.  Dr. Zepeta told Gordon he was glad we'd done the stitch (2 stitches actually) because my cervix was already open and shortening.  The nurse practitioner described my cervix as open and floppy.  Lovely.  Not gonna keep a baby in like that!  We are so glad the stitches are in so that this little one has the opportunity to grow and grow.  I was warned that I'd be in some pain and really uncomfortable for a few days.  Dr. Zepeta even wrote admission orders.  He said most people have to be admitted to the hospital after this procedure.  And people thought I had a low pain tolerance.  ;)  No way was I staying.  I was ready to get out of that hospital so I could get home to see my other baby!  Gordon and I made it home just in time for nap time.  Talk about perfect timing!  We were all in need of a nap.

So, from here on we pray, go to the doctor a lot and I'll be on pelvic rest for the remainder of the pregnancy (most likely).  I have to take it easy!  Not something I do well.  I followed up with Dr. Zepeta 10 days after the procedure and will go back again at 16.5 weeks.  I'll start seeing the high risk, maternal fetal medicine doctor, around 18 weeks and continue with him every 2-3 weeks until I give birth.  Cerclages are usually removed at 36 weeks.  If my doctors think I'll deliver immediately after the stitches are removed they will wait until 37 weeks (which is September 8th).  Obviously, I'd love to carry the baby this long but I'm making short and long term goals for this pregnancy.  The first goal has been met.  Cerclage successfully placed.  Next goal, make it to 26 weeks.  Then, 28, 30, 32....and anything after that will make me a happy mama! 

Look at that precious baby boy!  Love him to pieces.  :)  Here's to at least 14 more weeks of pregnancy.

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