Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's A......

Sadly for my husband, I love planning a party!  The weekend we found out the gender of Baby Gooding #2 was super busy.....but, I couldn't pass up a chance to celebrate this precious new life.  So, with some of our closest friends and some family we had a pink and blue gender reveal party. In my opinion, everything turned out super cute.      

  • Cheese ball, Corn dip, Veggies, Chicken nuggets and spinach dip completed the menu
  • The sunlight coming in through the windows made it hard to take a good picture.
  • Candy covered marshmallows
  • Labels from WH Hostess
  • Candy covered rice krispie treats, candy popcorn and yummy vanilla cake 
  • He or She?
  • Pink or Blue, We Love YOU!
  • I loved this cake made by my mom's friend, Arvella (if you live in West Texas you must use her!)
  • Anna Grace or Weston Jack (Anna is my paternal grandmother and Grace is Gordon's paternal grandmother; wGj are also William's initials, Jack is Gordon's maternal grandfather)
With a pop of a balloon the verdict was's a GIRL!!!

William tends to take after me.  He loves a party!  He was so excited about his friends coming over.  He only took a 45 minute nap and when he woke up he sat straight up in bed and said, "It's my party? My friends coming!"  He was SO excited!!!

William and Gordon voted BLUE.  I honestly didn't care either way.  A little brother for William would have been so fun.....but, I am glad to have one of each!  My pregnancies aren't the easiest so I'm pretty sure this will be it for us.  :)  Gordon was pretty shocked for the first few hours.  He truly thought we'd only have boys.  To be honest, he had convinced me of that too.  I had felt sicker this pregnancy, the Chinese gender calender said we'd have a girl and the baby's heart rate had always been higher than William's had been.  The pink confetti confirmed that it was a girl!  I'm still not sure I'll believe it until I see it for myself.  It all seems too perfect.  :)  It's hard to believe we'll have baby dolls and bows in our house now!!!!

Soon to be family of four!  2 girls ~ 2 boys
{Confetti Balloons from Etsy Flair Exchange}

A month later it's finally sinking in.  We are all so excited!  Anna Grace will be the first granddaughter on my side of the family and she will be exactly one year younger than her cousin, Katherine, on Gordon's side.  We feel extremely blessed and continue to pray that she stays in her mama for another couple of months (at least!).  I'm so glad we will get to honor our grandmothers by naming her Anna Grace.  I know my sweet Grandma Anna is smiling down on us from heaven.  I can only pray that our little Anna is as sweet, patient and kind as she was.  My heart holds such precious memories of her.  I can't wait to share them all with Anna Grace.

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