Thursday, April 9, 2015

Third Times A Charm

Third times a charm.....fingers crossed and lots of prayers later we are hoping our third pregnancy will be a happy and healthy one.....and most likely our last, if all goes as planned!
If you follow my blog at all you know in September 2014 we had a miscarriage at 9 weeks along.  Although my head told me that SO many couples go through this heartbreaking experience, that God had a plan for us, I was sad for a while.  At the beginning of October I still wasn't given the okay to start trying again.  I was so frustrated and just ready to put the miscarriage behind us.  At the end of October my body finally got on the same page as me!  I finally got a negative pregnancy test right before Halloween (you get a positive pregnancy test after a miscarriage until your HCG levels are less than 5...give or take).  I didn't have normal cycles the month of October or November.  By December things were normalizing and I seemed to be a little more relaxed about the whole process.  We stayed super busy during the holidays and Gordon and I booked our trip to Lake Tahoe at the beginning of January.  We figured a vacation away, just the two of us, was just what we needed.  And then bam.....a positive pregnancy test!

My parents were in town the weekend we found out.  I didn't find out until late Saturday night, January 17th.  Gordon was already asleep so I waited until the next morning to tell him.  When he woke up I was holding the test.  A big smile spread across his face.  I think 1,000 pounds of anxiety lifted off of us that weekend.      

I got the positive test when I was 3 weeks 4 days pregnant.  We decided to wait and tell our families after we'd been to the doctor.  Here's a little run down of the first few weeks of pregnancy with Baby G #2 (well, technically #3).

Week 5:  I was getting up once a night to use the restroom (better than 3X a night with William).  I started feeling a little nauseated in the mornings.  Eating a couple crackers usually helped.  Over the next two weeks I kept getting right sided "side stitches".  Kinda random....I had this with William too!

Week 6:  Skiing in Lake Tahoe!  Still up once a night to use restroom and pretty nauseated while skiing.  We did a lot of eating on this trip and took lots of rest breaks for snacks.  While Gordon gambled in the evening I got extra rest and reading in.  We also got a lot of movie watching in during this trip.  Everything a pregnant girl could want!   I'll make sure to drink an extra Bloody Mary on top of the mountain on our next ski trip.  :)

Week 7:  The day after we got back from Tahoe we had our first doctor appointment.  2/10/15.  The baby's heartrate was 150 (William's was 140 at 7 weeks).  My weight hadn't changed since having the miscarriage.  I was still under my pre-preggo weight with William but up several pounds since getting pregnant in July.  This is the week my strong aversion to coffee started.  I guess this isn't a bad thing since I don't drink much/if any caffeine while I'm pregnant.  I told my parents we were pregnant while visiting Midland over Valentine's weekend.  They got this in their card this year....

At this point in the pregnancy we were excited but guarded.  We didn't talk to William about it much and only a few people knew we were expecting.  I just couldn't let myself get too excited.  Thinking about getting our hearts broke again definitely kept me awake at night.  Thank goodness for first trimester exhaustion.  :)  Every night I say a prayer of thanks for at least letting us get this far.  You can never be thankful enough.  Even in the sad times, there's always something to be thankful for.  God is good.  

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