Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun In The Sun


This picture pretty much sums up our weekend in Midland!  William loved the pool!  My parents had turned on the heater but it was still a little boy was the only one it didn't phase.  I'm so happy that he enjoyed swimming since we're starting swim class this Sunday.

We had so much fun swimming, lounging around, getting some sun, watching William in the sandbox, and drinking some homemade strawberry margaritas courtesy of my parents new fancy margarita machine.  That night we had tickets to go see the Duck Dynasty crew for their Dynasty of Faith talk.  Since it was past W's bedtime my sweet grandparents came over to watch William for us!  I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the Dynasty of Faith talk.  If you have the opportunity, GO.  I love how honest they are about their life and the mistakes they've made.  They don't try to pretend that they're perfect.  Marriage is hard and it takes work but having an intact, happy, healthy family is so worth it.  I believe, as do they, that it takes faith and God to keep a relationship together.  Whenever we visit Midland all I can do is think about moving back.  The talk really helped me to remember that God has a plan for my family.  He will do what's best for us.  I just have to trust!!
After church on Sunday we had lunch at Outback and then we were back to the pool.  William is such a boys boy.  He loves being outside, dirt and sticks.  He just played and played....and refused to take a nap.  One of Gordon's buddies (and my childhood friend) came over to join in on the fun too. 
I am so thankful for the time we get with my family!  Thankfully William does great on the flight so getting to Midland is easy.  :)  
Look at those adorable polo flip flops!  Doesn't get any cuter than that. 
William loves all the puppies.  He even got brave enough to start petting them.


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