Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random stuff & 13 months

Since William is now a year old I decided to change his monthly updates to every 3 months.....since his gestational birthday isn't until June 10th and he's changing so much every day I thought I'd say a little something about 13 month and post some random pictures from our iPhones! 

Baby boy has become quite the talker.  He just babbles and babbles and started saying "mama".  He can get from point A to point B in the blink of an eye and is pulling up on everything.  He loves pushing things and walking.  He can stand up and let go of your hands but he hasn't taken a step alone yet.  He's tried kiwi, pineapple, and chickpeas and he loves maple cinnamon puff sticks.  He ends up smelling like a little French toast stick all day.  :) 

Flowers from my sweet baby boy
Look at those tiny little bumble bee fingers!

Itzy Ritzy!!!
 I got a couple of new things at Doodles while we were in Rice Village a couple of weeks ago.  These Itzy Ritzy items have been great.  The bag on the left is the Wet Bag.  It is perfect for diapers and/or wet bathing suits.  The smaller bag on the right is the snack bag.  Things get lost in the diaper bag so having this has helped me keep up with his snacks.  I got the giraffe freezer pack so fruit would stay nice and cool in there.  They are SO cute and easy to clean!  Our car seat handle cushion (that I post here) and infant car seat peek a boo cover are also by Itzy Ritzy.  The car seat cover is a must have.  People love babies and I found that they want to touch, I just kept William covered up in public so nobody knew what was under there!  (there's a picture of the cover in my last post about car seat safety!)  Once people saw William and how tiny he was they would ask to hold him or would hover and try to touch him.  Yuck. 

He loves standing up

Look at all of his hair :)
At Britton's b-day party trying to play with the big boys.

Pick me UP!!!
Up next....our Memorial Day weekend here at home. 


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