Monday, May 20, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday and One Year Anniversary from the NICU

Man, I feel like Wednesday was forever ago!  We've done so much since then. :)  I used to have the best memory.....I still do to some extend but days just seem to run together lately.  I do know William and I were really busy this past Wednesday.  We flew to Midland on Friday so all the laundry had to get done and we had to run by the grocery store after lunch at Barnaby's with Daddy.  I made two dinners on Wednesday night so I could freeze something for this week.  I also made cupcakes to take to William's school to celebrate baby boy being home from the hospital for one year!!
Thursday, May 16th, was William's one year anniversary from leaving the NICU and coming home with us.  I will never forget this day!!  Thankfully, the majority of families get to take their little baby home a couple of days after giving birth....there's a small percentage of us that don't.  I think it makes that home coming day even sweeter.  We were so excited to finally have him home with us.  I was ecstatic about the simple things like getting to use my own bathroom/shower, being able to do laundry with William laying right there, eating a meal at home and laying on the couch with my husband again (and baby!).  While we were in the NICU people kept telling me to get ready for real life, the "hard" part was coming.  Let me just tell you they were wrong.  Of course I've had hundreds of sleepless nights over the past year.  What parent doesn't??  I woke up with William every 3 hours for the first 2 months of his life and just recently stopped nursing him at 2am.  But nothing has been as exhausting as our time in the NICU.  So, if you're a parent of a preemie that's in the hospital and people are telling you to get ready for things to get "real"....blow them off.  They've probably never had a child in the hospital.  :)  
I look back now at our time in the NICU and realize how lucky we are.  William was one of the healthier babies and I thank God every day for that.  But, we were still scared.  That first week was the toughest.  He couldn't breath on his own, they had a hard time getting him intubated, he was getting nutrition through an IV and there were so many tubes and wires even I was reluctant to hold him in fear that I was hurting him.  When Gordon and I talk about having another baby I can't help but wonder what God has planned for us.  Will we blessed to even have another baby?  Will the next be a preemie too?  As much as we'd like to move to a smaller town....we can't.  Not until we are done having babies.  The best hospitals are here.  So we are staying for now!  Maybe we'll stay forever.  I know that God has a plan for our family and we'll follow that.  Staying in the Houston area forever means great health care and great jobs for both G and me.  So, thanks again Texas Children's for taking care of our little buddy!!!!

  • Look at those big blue eyes!  I melt.  Baby boy trying out a celebration cupcake (good reaction!).  I can hardly believe he finally took a bite of cake.  :)
  • One year ago.  Finally home from the NICU.
  • Bath time!  Chewing on a foam letter....maybe teething is coming soon?!?
  • Look how much he's grown since last year.  It's so amazing how much they change.
  • All buckled up in his carseat and ready to head home.
  • Laughing at mommy before bedtime.
  • He's a crazy little buddy. 
Up next....our quick trip to West Texas for a little Duck Dynasty action.  It may have been a short trip but it was probably one of my favorite trips home.  :) 


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