Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year I decided getting out of town is just what we needed!  We had a credit at the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio so on Saturday morning Gordon and I packed up William and headed west.  It was a super quick trip but it was so great to get away from the everyday stuff.  We got to just hang out and not worry about doing laundry, cooking dinner, vacuuming and, best of all, cleaning up after Gus!  The hotel has a nanny that they recommend using so we took advantage (let me know if you need her name!).  They have her full background check on file and have used her for 7 years.  She was great!!!  William went right to her when she got to our room.  He tends to be kinda shy so this made us feel at ease.  She watched William for 3 hours while we lounged by the pool, had some fruity drinks, yummy burgers and relaxed on the lazy river.  I was so excited to get some sun on my pale body!!  The sitter text messaged us every 30 minutes on how William was doing. :)  When we got back to the room we got William ready for some pool time on the "beach"!  I wasn't sure how he would like the sand since I hated those kinds of textures when I was his age.  HE LOVED EVERY MINUTE.  He just played and played.  Everyone that passed by us made a comment on how good he was.  Such a sweet baby boy! 
After the pool we headed back to the room for bath time and a night night bottle.  William fell right to sleep after his long day of new adventures.  Gordon and I sat outside on the balcony and watched the sun set and just talked.  love.  there. is. nothing. better!  We ordered room service for dinner and then headed inside to watch a movie before calling it a night. 

  • Playing in the sand
  • Can you tell we love each other?!?
  • A little mommy/daddy time
  • Sleeping like a baby...look at all that hair he's getting!
  • Testing out the sand with his dad
  • Pasta, wine, bread pudding and no dishes had to be washed.  Can't beat that
  • Sunset
  • The last time I wore this cover-up we were at the JW Marriott hotel in San Antonio and I was 7 weeks pregnant.  It's still so hard to believe we have this precious baby now! 

We were up at 7am Sunday morning so we were obviously in need of coffee!!!  We had the yummiest breakfast and then went on a long walk around the nature trail.  We were back in Houston in time for a burger at the park, music class and dinner with the moms!  William and Teddy were so cute at dinner.  They were laughing and talking to each other like they were having a real conversation.  It was adorable.  We ended the night cuddled on the couch watching my all time favorite....Iron Chef Tournament!
I am just so blessed to be William's mommy.  There is truly no better job in this entire world.  I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again....he makes me better, he makes me smile, he makes everything sparkle in my world.  I can not fathom life without him.  If it wasn't for Gordon I wouldn't have my precious blue eyed baby so, I have to thank him. :)  I'm so happy we got to have a mini family vacation.  Just the three of us.....it doesn't get better than that!

  • You might think William's thinking, "Man, that food looks good."  That's not the case.  He's really wanting that fork!!!
  • Daddy and son
  • Going for a walk
  • At one of our favorite lunch spots for a burger
  • Mother's Day last year, in the NICU, after going to see The Avengers for a quick "date".
I also have to thank my mom and MIL for being so wonderful. They are both fabulous women who give us so much love and support. They are great mothers and excellent grandmothers!! My mom is my best friend. She listens to me (everyday I might add) and loves me on my happy days and my sad days. I hope she's around for a very long time because our world wouldn't be the same without her!!!

I hope all my mommy friends out there had an excellent day as well.  :) 


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