Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mommy & Son Weekend

Last week I had off on Monday.  It's not my favorite day to have off....at least since William's been around (I'd rather off mid-week) but it does make Sunday more enjoyable since I don't feel so rushed to get everything done.  William and I mailed off a 4th box of breast milk to Texas Children's Hospital.  As you can see in the picture below he was feeling a little sad.  Nap time was in his near future!   After nap time, we did some closet cleaning and organizing.  By that time he was happy, happy, happy.  William has two closets in his room.  I know....what a lucky guy!  The third picture on the top row is his big closet where we keep his toys, books, puzzles, and extra wipes/diapers.  William got SO many toys for his birthday so organizing was a must!  After playing/cleaning we headed to the kitchen to make manicotti for dinner.  YUM :)
On Friday Gordon headed to Port A to fish with some buddies so it was a mommy and baby kinda weekend.  We made a donut run on Saturday morning and then headed to the grocery store.  I was excited to find organic pineapple at Central Market!  That afternoon I arranged for a new babysitter to come stay with William for 2 hours.  Our nanny has been out of commission for a while so it was time to find someone new.  I stuck around the house for a little while to make sure William felt comfortable.  As soon as we sat down and started playing with toys I could tell he liked her....he held her hand!!  So, this mommy headed to a quick happy hour at Brenner's Blu Bar with Rachel....who just had baby #2.  We both enjoyed our time outside catching up with each other.  When I got home William was having a great time with Sofie.  (nothing makes a mommy happier!)  William and I had a dinner date after that together.  As you can see in the second row of pictures he had a great time reading his favorite book. 
Sunday was a day full of play dates with some of our favorite people.  After doing some baby food making we headed to City Center to meet Alison and her kids for some fun in the sun.  We were so happy to see Kami and her kids there too!  Look at sweet Hunter showing William his soccer ball while Paige and Parker brushed their hair.  Unfortunately, I think William was more interested in the leaf he found.  HAHA.  It's hard to believe that Hunter is 5, Parker 4, Paige 3 and William & Griffin 1.  Time flies!  After our lunch date we went to Memorial Park for a walk and then it was time for music class.  The little buddy acts pretty shy for the first 10 minutes and clings to me for dear life but by the end he's smiling, laughing and crawling around.  The past two weekends we've gone to dinner with some of the music class moms and babies and had a great time!  I can't stress how important having mommy time is.  It's so great to talk to other mothers going through the same thing....day care questions, baby proofing, teething, sleepless nights, sippy cup transition....you get the picture.  You can never run out of things to talk about with another mom. 
As you can tell, we had a fun filled weekend.  When G got home on Monday he asked if we'd missed him.....of course we had but honestly we stayed so busy time just flew right by.  It was kinda nice to have a mommy/son weekend.  :)  I highly recommend having one! 


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