Wednesday, June 24, 2015

23 weeks pregnant

How far along? 23 weeks (May 29-June 4)  Weight: up 1 pound in 2 weeks
Exercise:  Still can't.     
Belly Button:  It's out and even noticeable when I wear a tight tank top. 
Movement: Most movement is 5-6am and early evening.    
Food cravings: Still not super hungry.  Cheese sounds yummy.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Wedding rings on or off? On
Best Moments This Week:  Although it's not a lot of fun....getting the potty training process going.  It will be nice to only have one baby in diapers!  William and I got so much done on our day off together.  :)  We ran lots of errands and had lunch with Daddy at Barnaby's.   
Happy or Moody? Nervous.  I'd been feeling some funny things for a few days and feeling her moving really low down.  It felt like she was going to kick right out of me.  Dr. Z asked me to come in on 6/2.  They did a TV ultrasound to measure my cervix.  It was 4cm (this is the longest I've ever been!  I was 2.6 at this stage with William).  The cerclage seems to be doing it's job.  Dr. Z asked for me to try bed rest for a few days to see if it changed anything.  So, the next day, I did as he asked but the "feelings" I was having didn't change at all.  So, I've decided, I'm feeling her move against that stitch and it's not a sensation I'm used to.  I'll admit.....I'm a bit paranoid.  I'd rather be overly cautious than lose my baby girl.  I think I'll be able to relax a little once I make it to 26 weeks, 28 weeks, 30 weeks.....Dr. Z made me feel better when he said that I've never been a complainer (about post op pain, baby being in NICU, severe nausea when my milk came in, etc, etc) so I should trust my instincts!       
Other pregnancy symptoms:  Had heartburn a couple of nights and my back has started hurting.  Since the left side of my uterus isn't being utilized, baby girl is mainly on my right side.  So, when I sit too long the right side of my back starts to really feel uncomfortable.  Putting pillow behind that side of my body usually helps a lot!  

Baby is the size of a large mango

This was probably my most emotional week so far.  I feel like we are so close to my 26 week goal.  Sometimes my fearful thoughts get the best of me....but I always try to remember this.....She does not fear bad news; she confidently trust the Lord to take care of her.  -Psalm 112:7

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