Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Weekend Of Fun

Nearly 2 months ago (yep, I'm behind) we had a super fun overnight vacation in Galveston.  Since having William I haven't been to Galveston.  We decided to take advantage of Gordon having a 2 day work conference right on the beach.  So, William and I made our way down to Galveston on Thursday night.  William was so excited to see Daddy, stay in a hotel and to see the beach!  We had to explain to him that this was the "Texas beach" since it's so different from the "Florida beach" he is used to.  Regardless, baby boy was in heaven!  He sure didn't mind the murky water and seaweed filled beach.  :)  

We had dinner at Gaido's Thursday night and then took a little walk on the beach.  The next morning Gordon went to his meetings while we spent some time playing at the beach.  It was really cloudy but luckily didn't rain.  William had so much fun playing in the sand!  He was not a happy boy when we had to leave to meet Gordon for lunch.  Luckily, we had our upcoming Florida beach vacation to bribe him with.  We had a fun lunch at The Spot before William and I headed back home.  Their black bean burger was still as yummy as I remembered.     

Our weekend was filled with lots of fun celebrations!  We had a baby shower at our house for one of my close friends and then went into town, on Saturday afternoon, for Britton's third birthday party.  Thankfully, we had absolutely nothing scheduled for Sunday.  :)  That evening Gordon felt baby girl moving around in my belly for the first time.  Although, this pregnancy has caused us some worry and stress it really is going by quickly!!!       
{17.5 weeks with baby girl}  {Hanging with his first love}  {Bounce house fun}
{Baby bump}  {Playing at Memorial Park after dinner at Beck's Prime}  {The best pic we got!}

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