Wednesday, June 3, 2015

William's Three Year Stats

Here's what our little buddy is up to at THREE years old!

Weight: 29 lbs (up 6 lbs in one year) 16% on growth chart (up from 4% last year)
Height: 36 inches (up 3.5 in in one year) 16% on growth chart (up from 13%)

Eating- William is still a pretty good eater.  He'd rather eat veggies and fruit over meat but he sure does love Chick Fil A nuggets!  He loves tomatoes (he calls them "mimi's garden" since he picks them in Texarkana).  Squash and green beans are his favorite veggies but he also loves asparagus and brussel sprouts (he's so my child!).  His favorite fruits are watermelon and grapes.  He finally got burned out on oatmeal....if I'd let him he'd eat mini pancakes every morning.  For breakfast he usually eats peanut butter toast with banana, vanilla yogurt, ham and cheese wrapped in a crescent roll or oatmeal.  Unfortunately, he still doesn't like eggs. His favorite dinner foods are soup, mac 'n cheese and spaghetti.  Ranch is his new favorite dipping sauce.  
Sleeping-  Since moving to a big boy bed this department has gotten a little tricky.  He's been waking up between MN and 2am and coming down to our room.  Luckily, he doesn't put up a fuss and goes right back to sleep.  Depending on the day, William is in bed between 8:00-9:00.  Most mornings he's awake by 6am.  Nap time is still 12-2.  Most weekends we run behind schedule and don't get him down for his nap until 1 or 1:30.  Thankfully, this little guy is pretty good about rolling with the punches!  Give him his lovie and blanket and he's a happy man.        
Development- We were able to answer yes to all the questions at his yearly checkup.  William can tell you his name, speak in 3+ word sentences, climb stairs (using alternating feet), he can hold a crayon, he washes/dries his hands on his own and uses spoon/fork well.  William knows all of his colors (his favorites are orange and blue).  He knows almost all shapes (oval, octagon, triangle, heart, moon, star, circle, square).  His favorite is an octagon.  Any time he sees a stop sign he says, "It's an octagon, has 8 sides!"  He recognizes that he and daddy have blue eyes and that mama has brown eyes (he thinks Anna Grace will have either brown or pink eyes!).  He knows, remembers and recognizes family/close friends faces in pictures.  He knows that Nana and Papa go together (along with "Fifi") and then Mimi/Grandad.   
William still gets words mixed up like shut the door when he means open the door.  It's pretty cute.  
His imagination is growing leaps and bounds.  Shadows are now dinosaurs, squash looks like snails and he can make up some funny stories!      
Personality- William is still a sweet cuddly little thing but age 3 has brought with it many challenges.  And by challenges, I mean emotional breakdowns over nothing.  Something as simple as sitting down next to him can set him off?!?!  We usually take him to his room and tell him when he calms down he can join us again.  This usually helps a ton.  He loves telling us stories and talks about his family all the time.  Overall, he's a happy little boy who follows most instructions without a fuss, will sit still and cooperate during a doctor visit and will do anything for a MandM and chocolate ice cream.               
Clothing size- As I type, we are in the active stages of potty training.  Before now William's been in a size 5 diaper, but we are now onto pullups and big boy underpants.  William is wearing a size 6/7 shoe right now (up from last years size 4).  Most of his shirts are still 2T but 3T works too.  3T shorts/pants fit pretty well length wise but he has some room to grown in the waste.  
Things mommy loves- 
Everything!  He may have his toddler melt downs but overall he is just precious to us.  I love the little serious face he has, while holding perfectly still, for a hair cut.  When he gets out of the bath he likes for me to dry his hair with the hair dryer while he brushes it....when we're done he yells, "It's dry now!"  
William tells me often "I'm happy, mama."  Those three words make my heart want to explode.  He is such a joyful little soul.        
I love that he wants to hold my hand when he's laying down for a nap/bedtime.    
When Gordon or I am away from him he's always asking where we are.  If we are both gone he refers to us as one person "mamadaddy".  The love he has for us, and vice versa, is immeasurable.   
Mommy stuff- Although a lot of things have calmed down over the past year (no moving, unpacking etc)....things have been hectic.  I am happy to say that we really started getting into a healthy routine since moving to the burbs.  We were both loving the YMCA (until pelvic rest started in March) and our weekly trips to Little Gym are super fun.  
Since William's second birthday I've basically been pregnant.  There's been lots of doctors appointments, a couple surgeries, sad news, happy news and most recently a "big belly" (those are William's words!).  William found out he was going to be a big brother to a little sister and has welcomed 2 new cousins.      
Things WJG loves- This little guy still loves being outside.  His favorite thing to do is "help" daddy.  He loves pulling weeds and watering the flowers.  With all that being said he also really likes to be clean.  If he falls down and gets muddy he wants to be "cleaned up" ASAP.  He hates for food to get on him and he always wants his hands clean (he's a bit OCD likes his mama I guess).  
He loves riding his truck to the park and swinging and climbing on his new playset.   We finally started letting him watch some TV after his second birthday.  This little guy is a movie lover just like his mom and dad.  Luckily, he prefers to be outside playing but he is definitely a kid that will sit and watch a show while you cook dinner (I'm so thankful for that).  Mickey Mouse and The Avengers are his favorites.   
He loves cooking in his pretend kitchen, playing with trucks and coloring.  Currently, his favorite books are  One Fish, Two Fish and The Duckling Gets A Cookie.  He is still obsessed with vacuuming.  He has his own little one that he gets out while I'm's a team effort. 
Riding on Gordon's shoulders (which he calls doing "Giraffe") and getting a horse back ride on daddy.    
Things WJG doesn't like-  There really isn't too much.  He still doesn't like eggs.  Some mornings he'd rather just stay home with me rather than go to school.  What can I say, some days I don't want to go to work either!    
Favorite Things To Say- These are some of the things I wish I could keep trapped in my mind forever!  "Again" and "Why" are probably his favorite words.  "School again?" "Night night again?" "Oh no!  Not again!"  
William has excellent hearing....he'll hear a dog barking far away and immediately stop and say, "what's that?"  With that excellent hearing comes "It's too loud for me!"  Sometimes that means he can't hear the radio or TV (and he's trying to say it's not loud enough) but most of the time he really does mean that something is too loud.  It could be Gordon hammering something or even me talking too much and he wants some quiet time.  :)  haha.  
He's always telling us, "Look at me!"  He can be super proud of his big boy skills.
My favorite is "I'm happy!"
"It's a match!" He says this whenever colors match, pictures match, he sees two bugs on the side walk, etc. 
"Yee-haw!!!"  I'm not sure where he got this from, but it's hilarious!  If he's excited to go somewhere he'll let out a Yee-Haww!!!   
Every morning the first words out of his mouth are "The sun's up!"  He's always sad when the sun goes down.  He'll say, "The sun went bye bye again?!?"  He quickly moves onto saying he wants to see the moon.
Thankfully he's learned to say "excuse me" when he burps or toots.  Hopefully I can catch it on camera one day because the way he says it is too cute.  Being the true boy he is, after he burps he'll laugh and say, "I wanna do again!"  
He's turning out to be quite ticklish.  I'm always hearing "It tickles me!"  :)  
Funny Dad Moments- Watching Gordon be a horsey every night before bed is truly priceless.  My two boys warm my heart!  William is so lucky to have such an involved, attentive daddy.    
Here are a couple funny conversations I've overheard recently:

W: I want choc milk!!  (in a much too demanding voice, at the end of a long day) 
G:  I need a whiskey drink. 

W:  But why? (why is his other favorite word)
G:  Because someone's got to do work around here.
W:  I do work!

W:  I want my shoes off first.
G:  You want a small fish????
Me:  laughing 
W:  It's not funny, Mama!

First time- I can't really think of too much.  He is now a cousin and soon to be big brother!
From the Doctor- William did great at his 3 year check up.  They took his blood pressure for the first time since he left NICU.  He wasn't too sure about that.  He kept telling me, "It squeeze me, Mama."  He does such a good job when the doctor examines him.  He holds really still and follows all instructions.  They did an eye exam on him at the end of the appointment.  He lost interest pretty quick.  From what we could tell he has great vision.  In my rush to get William dressed and out of the doctor's office I forgot to button up his shorts.  When we got to the parking lot William started saying, "Oh no, what happened mama?"  I looked down and his little shorts had fallen down to the ground and were around his ankles.  I couldn't help but die laughing.  A month later, William and I still laugh about his pants falling down in the parking lot.  
There are no words to properly express my love for this child.  He is our everything.  Even when he's driving me crazy I adore him.  When he says,  "I love you, Mama" everything in my world sparkles a little more.  I'm so proud to call him mine.

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