Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3 months old

I still can't believe that Gordon and I have this sweet baby boy.  The past three months have flown by and yet it seems like I was pregnant an eternity ago. 
What's William up to at 3 months old?!?!  He still loves cuddling with his mommy!  Other things he loves....blowing bubbles, daddy singing him the ABC's, sitting outside, clapping his hands (with my help of course), listening to music and his car seat.  He loves being all snuggled up in the car seat.  What a lucky mommy and daddy!  Gordon weighs him in the evenings.  He's been hanging around 9 lbs for a few weeks.  I'll have official measurements at his 4 month check up that's on August 22nd.   

I can now officially say that we have a smiling baby (at 7 weeks adjusted age...right on time)!  He started giving us little smiles at the beginning of July but it was never consistent.  We waited so long so we are thrilled to see that pretty smile in the mornings and hear his sweet little voice.


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  1. He is precious and I'm happy to hear that he is doing so well despite being so early! Y'all are truly blessed with such a sweet little guy!


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