Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday #5

Week 18 & 19 (January 9-21)

Mood- Really loving being pregnant and already so in love with the little guy growing inside me.  I started to feel anxious about the anatomy scan scheduled for week 19.  I know several people with "heart babies" and felt so nervous.  We already had things to worry about due to my uterus so I just tried to stay positive.  Gordon always told me we'd get through anything we had to.  He was right.  We did.  :)
How my body feels-  My back started hurting around this time.  Since I carried William on the right side of my body that is the side that hurt.  I was most uncomfortable when I sat for long periods of time.  Putting a pillow behind that side of my body really helped.  I even kept a pillow in my car for my drive home and had to take my moshi pillow to the movies.  Otherwise movie night was a no go for me.  haha.  Don't worry I washed the pillow as soon as we'd get home!  Sleep- Sleeping on my side at night was hard to get used to.  I would wake up and be on my back so I always used the big pregnancy pillow.  I put it between my legs and behind my back.  I started getting up again at 3am to go to the bathroom.
Cravings- Carrots with ranch and fruit.....especially cherries (which I had never had before pregnancy)!
Weight gain- 1 pound so up 5.
Movement-  He was super active.  Especially around 9am.     
Doctor Appointment-  We had the big anatomy scan on January 19th.  It was music to my ears when they said he had a beautiful heart.  They couldn't have said anything nicer!!!!  He had a healthy looking cord and all his major organs where there and looked to be functioning properly.  William would not cooperate with them towards the end.  He was really stubborn (yikes...not a good sign for us)!  They weren't able to get a good picture of his C-spine (neck area) so we had to schedule another appointment for 2 weeks later. 
Important things this week- I flew to Dallas after the doctor's appointment on Friday to shop for baby furniture with my mother in law! We had so much fun and found lots of great things!!  I don't think I've ever walked so much in my life.....this mama's feet HURT!  We would go out to dinner after shopping and by 9pm I was passed out. 

Headed to Midtown for dinner with the girls!

Ready to see our baby boy on the big screen.
Little did I know this would be my first of MANY times to
lay on this table at the MFM office!

I used to just stare at this picture and smile!


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