Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movin' On Up

Big things are happening in the Gooding boy has been moved up to a size one diaper!  They are still kinda big on him but the newborns were starting to get a little snug. 

14 weeks old
Here he is playing on mommy and daddy's bed after his bath.  The size one diapers have different Sesame Street characters on them.  Gordon made me laugh out loud the other night.  He was changing William's diaper for the first time since he was moved up to size one...I heard him say to William "oh look you have the Flintstones on your diaper!"  haha.  I started giggling because it's so sweet that he tries so hard to learn all the nursery rhymes and other baby stuff. 

Last weekend we had a fun night out with the Wilson family!  We went to Tony's for a little Mexican food and then came to the house and played.  It was Hunter and Parker's first time to meet William.  Parker was in love and Hunter thought his room was pretty fun!
Hanging out with Alison

I love to blow bubbles
In my frog towel after bathtime

Tired boys

The weekends just fly right by!  Gordon played golf, I got a pedicure, we watched Man On A Ledge and we did lots of laundry and cuddling.  Life is good. 


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