Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Time for Everything

I can hardly believe that William will be 4 months old tomorrow!!  Time really does fly by.  He has his 4 month check up and shots on Wednesday so I'll do a post with all of his stats then.  Here are a few of his "firsts" over the past few months......

First Bath, April 25th

First time to Memorial Park, June 5th
7 weeks old

Starting to smile consistently, August 2nd
15 weeks old 
He's always loved playing with his hands
 but today he "found them"!  He loves
looking at his hands.  :)
August 13th

Noticing things around him & enjoying toys
August 14th
17 weeks old

First time in Baby Bjorn, August 15th
 We are loving this stage and so excited about all the things to come!  His little voice is so sweet.  He "talked" to us the most in the mornings but over the past 2 weeks is much happier in the evenings and will talk and smile then too.  People still stop us everywhere we go and ask how many days old our baby us he is SO big and no longer acting like a newborn....I guess everyone else is used to having a baby born at this size.  Loving every minute!!! 


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