Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 months old

Last Sunday, August 19th, was my mom's birthday and William's 4 month birthday!  He is growing more and more every day.  It is so much fun to watch him change and be able to do more things.  He had his 4 month well baby check up on Wednesday and everything went great.  We started with a new doctor since Dr. Spinner took a medical director position.  Two of my girlfriends use Dr. Freedman and really love him.  William seemed to like him too!  Daddy got to come to the appointment too so he could get his Tdap shot.  Next shot on this mom and dad's list is the flu shot!  William will be able to get the flu when he turns 6 months old.  Since William was premature he will most likely be getting Synagis, the RSV vaccine, around that time as well.  I was so glad when Dr. Freedman said he'd be able to get his!!!  WE DO NOT WANT RSV!  I am so grateful that William wasn't born during cold/flu season (this may sound crazy but I think I'll try my hardest to have our next baby in the Spring/Summer too....especially since I have a history of delivering early!).  There is nothing fun about a sick baby! 
William got his 4 month vaccination shots on Wednesday (two shots/one oral). :(  I hate to see him cry in pain but as soon as I pick him up he calms down.  The afternoon after the shots was kinda rough for the little guy.  We napped together from 2:30-4:30.  He woke up crying and looking so sad (not normal for him...he's usually smiling and happy) so I feed him a little and then put him in the bath to soak his little legs in warm water.  Every time I moved him in his bath chair he cried (he NEVER cries in the bath so this broke my heart even more).  I got him dressed for bed, gave him some Tylenol and he immediately passed back out.  Gordon and I took him to Beck's Prime at the park for dinner and he never woke up.  When we got home I woke him up to eat around 8:00 and he fell right back to sleep.  Poor little guy was exhausted! 

A sad bath
4 month stats:
Weight- 10 lb 7 oz (.27%) (he gained 3.5 lbs over the past 2 months)
Height- 23.75inches (9.9%) (grew 3 inches over the past 2 months)
Eating- 100-120 cc every 2-3 hours.
Sleeping- Starting about 2 weeks ago he started sleeping for longer stretches of time.  Some nights he goes 8 hours but the majority of the time only 5.  He seems to be getting sleepy earlier lately.  Most nights I have him down by 8:30 versus 9:30.  A few nights he's gone to sleep at 7:30.  He usually wakes up at 2am to eat but some nights holds out until 5am.  We can tell he's tired when he's a quite calm cry (not a loud mad cry).  I swaddle him up, put a paci in his mouth and he'll be asleep within minutes.  He stays awake for 30 minutes to an hour after eating and then naps for about an hour before waking up to eat again.              
Development-  Dr. Freedman asked us several developmental questions at his appointment and I was able to answer YES to all of them!  William opens his hands (doesn't keep his thumb in making a fist all the time), he brings his hands into his chest, holds his head up, smiles, and coos.  He has the sweetest voice ever.  When he "found" his voice he looked so surprised.  He loves for us to talk to him!  He started to notice his fingers last week too AND he rolled over from his stomach to back this week.  BIG things are happening in the Gooding house.  :)
Things mommy loves-  Listening to him talk to me and seeing that handsome smile.  There is nothing better in this world. 
Things WJG loves- He actually enjoys his swing now!  He noticed the toys hanging above him the other day and seems to really like that.  He's still my cuddle bug, loves for his daddy to fly him in the air like super man, loves to be swaddled when he sleeps, chewing on his hands, bath time is his favorite (he's definitely a water baby), he thinks Sophie the giraffe is pretty neat and he likes to be held so that he can see what's going on around him. 
Things WJG doesn't like-  Getting dressed after his bath, being hungry, tummy time and getting his nose cleaned.

Getting so strong!

Ready for dinner with the Wilsons


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