Thursday, August 23, 2012

William's Baptism

We had such a fun weekend with our family and friends for William's baptism!!  My brother, his wife, and my parents got into town Friday evening.  We started the weekend off right with dinner at my favorite, El Tiempo!  The next day the boys went shooting while the girls (and William) went to get our nails done and did some grocery shopping.  After running all our errands we took William swimming for his first time at an indoor pool.  I figured this would be the perfect opportunity since he can't be out in the sun but loves the water during bath time (NEW MOMS -- babies can't wear sunscreen until they are 6 months old).  He loved every minute of pool time!

That evening, once Gordon's parents were in town, we all met up at our favorite BYOB pizza place in The Heights.  The little guy did great at the restaurant but had a hard time falling asleep that night.  Being held by lots of different people seems to over stimulate him and make him irritable when it's bedtime.  Once I got him settled he slept great and was a wonderful baby on Sunday.  Being the only grandbaby on both sides he gets LOTS of love! 
Here he is with his papa taking a little nap before all of our friends/family arrived.  We had a great time visiting with everyone! 

The cake was delicious!!  It's the third cake we've gotten from Rustika Bakery...they never disappoint! 

He looked so surprised when the priest put the water on his head but he never cried.  I nearly was such a special day and I'm just so thankful to have him. 


Our little family of 3

We are SO blessed to have this precious boy in our lives.  He makes everything brighter!!  I pray every night for many, many, many more years with him.  After everything I've seen as a nurse I know that everyday we are given with him is a blessing and I cherish every single moment (yes, even the 2am feeding!).   
Party Details:  Invitations from Berings, Birth Announcement by Tiny Prints, "Christopher Christening" gown by Kissy Kissy from Chasing Fireflies (available on line or at Berings) 

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  1. Found this page from pinterest -we are planning my nephew's (first Godson!!) baptism. Everything in your pictures looks great!! I LOVE those monogram cups you have on there - do you have a picture of the cups you can share?



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