Friday, August 17, 2012

Flashback Friday #6

Week 20 & 21 (January 22-February 4)

Mood- I loved this part of pregnancy!  I was comfortable and felt more at ease knowing he was doing well in there!  You can't beat getting to have your baby with you all day. :)
How my body feels-  Week 20 I had a little cold, terrible indigestion and what I called "pregnancy insomnia".  By week 21 I was feeling much better and seemed to have a lot more energy.  I guess I was more tired the first trimester than I realized.   
Weight gain- Up a total of 7 pounds at 21 weeks.  Still wearing my normal clothes (with the exception of maternity tank tops from Target!).  Leggings were the best thing ever during this time. 
Movement- He is a mover!  Still really active at 9am and 7pm.  At 20 weeks I could still feel him move the best when I was sitting 21 weeks I was able to feel him even when I was standing.    
Stretch Marks- Nope (I luckily dodged that bullet this pregnancy).
Exercise- Still going to Define, walking at the park and we tried out a new gym.
Doctor Appointment-  I went to my OB on February 2nd but she wasn't available so I just got weighed and had William's heart rate checked (HR was 151).  
Important things this week- Gordon and I went to see Contraband over the weekend and registered at Target and Babies R Us.  On February 2nd we flew to Midland for my little brother's couples shower where we got to see lots of family. 

In Midland!


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