Sunday, August 26, 2012

Newborn Pics of WJG

At the end of May I had someone come to our home to take some pictures of William.  He was 5 weeks old at the time and did a fabulous job!  Janet said she'd never taken photos of such a good baby (he did pee on me twice but otherwise was a little angel baby).  I really wanted pictures of all his tiny body parts.  I've always heard moms say you forget the infant stage so I figured we'd better get some pics!  Unfortunately, it is so true about forgetting....I think you're so sleep deprived that all the days roll together and the next thing you know your baby isn't an infant anymore and your heading back to work.  I had lots of cute hats that I'd planned to use but he was just too small.  We tried the elephant hat and it was so comical I told her to go ahead and take a few pics (poor baby looked like Dumbo).  I had bought the bumble bee outfit when we had the sex finding out party "What's It Gonna Bee?" so even though it was too big we did a few pics with him wearing that too.  The hat he has on that says WILLIAM is a preemie hat and it was still pretty huge.  When I look at the hat now I can hardly believe his head was that small!  I know I'll cherish these pictures of our little 5 pound baby forever.    
To us he's perfect!
Looking a little like Dumbo!



Mom, get me out of this basket I'm starting to get hungry.
This is the way he looks at me when I'm talking. :)
Seems like he understands every word I'm saying.
This look describes his personality....easy going & happy!

He loves to grab my hair


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